birthday cakeTomorrow I turn 50 years old.

I will celebrate with friends at a party that night, and later…I will celebrate in private with my husband.

I can’t  help but think just how far I have come in the last few years. It used to be that if a birthday or anniversary rolled around, I knew I’d better get myself ready and psych myself up  because we’d probably have sex that night. I think sometimes I was probably so nervous about it, that I didn’t enjoy the other festivities too much.

Anyway, I thank God that I now understand and desire this gift of sex that God gave us. I thank God that He has healed me from past baggage and lies that I had allowed to affect my marriage. I thank God that I have a patient husband, that was willing to love me even when I did not love him well, and that he has grown with me on this journey.

So this week, celebrate how far you have come. Think back to how things were and thank God for being with you every step of the way. Thank your husband for walking with you and celebrate  together the amazing connection that God has given you.




One of my favorite blogs Hot, Holy and Humorous had a post this week that I just loved called “The Amusement Park of Orgasms”. I talk all the time about how orgasms can feel so different and this article uses rides at an amusement park as way to describe the different orgasms. Take a look at it  and if you have an orgasm that differs from what she describes, think of your own ride. Here is the link.

Now for your mission. Yeah, you knew this was coming after my last post on loving yourself. It is time to us to know ourselves  up close and personal.

Warm up the room, find a private time and place, and get out a mirror to actually look at yourself. Spend some time moving things around so you can see things better. If you pull up on your mound, you should be able to see the small hole above your vagina that is your urethra. Then draw a picture of yourself. It will force you to really study yourself and see just how intricate you are. Can you  praise God for how he made you?”  Afterwards, if you are comfortable, share the drawing and your experience with your husband.

Just so you know, I’m not sure what I think about this mission, except that I was sure that this is where I was supposed to go. So this week, I will pull out my mirror and dare to go where I have not dared to go before.

I would love to hear about it if you dare, comment below.



One of the comments from my class last night, was how they were learning how important it was to just MAKE TIME for sex.  That life gets so busy sometimes that you can get into a routine of fast food sex, and though that is ok once in a while, it is an intentional choice to MAKE TIME.

Your mission this week, is to simply MAKE TIME for some gourmet sex. That means if you are used to 10 minutes, than find a half hour. If you are used to 20 minutes, than go for a full hour, But be intentional, plan ahead, and allow yourself to luxuriate in each other.

Good girl – Bad girl

good girl bad girlI picked up a new secular sex book at my favorite thrift store this week called The Good Girl’s guide to Bad Girl Sex, written by  Barbara Keesling PhD. In the first chapter she shares that” being bad” does not mean being immoral, pornographic, behaving dangerously, demeaning yourself, or being indiscriminate with your sexual partners. “Being Bad” means loving sex,  being physically uninhibited, feeling sexual hunger, being assertive and unashamed, fully integrated and intensely orgasmic.

Isn’t it amazing how backwards we have it?


Welcome and Foundational Truths for Wives

Welcome to Awaken Love. I pray that you will find a safe environment, centered on God’s word, with detailed, respectful information about sex. God wants us to have amazing sex in marriage. But it doesn’t just happen. We have to intentionally work on it. We have to sort through lies, deal with baggage, learn to communicate and educate ourselves about our bodies. But we also need to learn to connect during sex. I want to help equip you information offered on the blog and classes taken in groups, to not only improve your own sex life, but to help others.

It is time for the church to remove the silence around sex and to start speaking truth.

Below are the foundational truths that I believe for women in their sex life.

Read them, pray about them. Do you believe them? Do you live them? Do you have the courage to pursue them?

Foundational Truths  for Wives

  1. God can transform you and your marriage.
  2. God created sex for wives as much as for husbands
  3. Sex connects us to our spouse in ways like no other thing.
  4. In order to have freedom in our marriage beds, we must get rid of the lies about sex, free ourselves from our baggage, and see ourselves as beautiful unique creations.
  5. We must believe (submit to) our husbands when they tell us they love our bodies.
  6. Communication is key – If our husbands cannot trust that we will gently ask for what our bodies need, than they are left to wonder and we are left unfulfilled.
  7. We need to help our husbands by helping them expand their playbook for us.
  8. God created us to experience much more than we realize and it is when we are open to new possibilities that he can show us.
  9. Christian wives should be having the best sex ever and should encourage
    other wives in their sex lives.
  10. We need to be fully committed and not hold back. Our husbands want all of us and so does God.
  11. Our marriages must give our kids something to look forward to and a reason to wait to have sex until marriage.
  12.  Sex is much more than intercourse, it is seeing each other naked and unashamed, and in a sense, worshipping God through His creation