God Created Sex for Wives as Much as Husbands

Far too many of us have bought into the lie that sex is for our husband.

We don’t have a drive like our husband, or our body doesn’t respond as easily as his, or we believe messages from the church that we need to do this for our husband – and we just settle. Sex becomes a duty, another item on our to do list that drains our energy, and we miss out.

God created sex for wives as much as for husbands.

Song of Songs portrays Solomon’s bride freely expressing her desires and needs in their marriage bed in the midst of a culture that repressed women. She initiates sex, plans outdoor adventures and confidently revels in his eyes on her body.  In Song of Songs, God clearly communicates that husband and wife should be equal participants in the marriage bed.

It is not that we are the same.

We are very different than our husband. Our heads operate like a 12-lane freeway. We worry, we plan and we struggle to jump into just playing skin to skin. Our bodies constantly change and what works one day may not work the next. Movements that feel good to him, may not feel good to us. Yet we have the capacity for as much enjoyment and connection during sex as he does, but it takes work.  It takes commitment, believing that you are worth it and that God wants it for you.

Women often leave Awaken-Love recommitted to making their sex life a priority and figuring out how to make sex as enjoyable for them as it is for their husband. Hard communication takes place as a wife expresses her needs. Intimacy increases as a wife shows up ready to step into the sensuous woman God created her to be.

Is intimately connecting with your husband as important to you as it is for your husband? One of the first steps to transforming your sex life is believing that God created sex for you too.

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