Video Class FAQ

How many weeks does the Video Class last?
6 weeks

How long do we need to meet for each class?
2 hours – The videos are between 1:00 and 1:20 long but you will need additional time for the discussion questions that are built into the class.

Do we have to meet 6 weeks in a row?
No. When the Video Facilitator registers your class, she will input the individual meeting dates of each week so that you receive the daily article emails during the weeks that you meet.

Can we meet every other week?
Sure. When the Video Facilitator registers your class, she will input the individual meeting dates of each week so that you receive the daily article emails the weeks that you meet. Just keep in mind that access to view the videos lasts 120 days.

Can I register a Video Class if I don’t know the meeting dates?
No. You must know your class’ meeting dates to register a Video Class.

How come I can’t take the Video Class by myself?
We believe that healing and transformation takes place in relationship. You will form amazing friendships as you walk through this class together. We also believe that talking about sex in class is great practice for talking about sex with your husband, kids or friends.

Could we use the Video Class for a couple’s class? 
The videos, curriculum and homework are designed for married women. We believe that married women need the freedom to share, process the information and take steps of transformation without her husband looking over her shoulder. We are in the process of developing a separate curriculum for married men.

Can I take the Video Class if I am engaged?  
The Video Class is designed for married women. Many of the topics addressed might create temptations to cross God’s boundaries outside of marriage.  An engaged woman could not do the application homework as well – and doing the homework with your husband is half the fun. We have had many newlyweds take the class, so feel free to sign up soon after the wedding.

What role does the Video Facilitator play?  
Please read the Video Facilitator Guide.  The Video Facilitator registers the class, communicates meeting details, helps create a safe environment, facilitates discussion and shepherds the women in the class.

How do we view the videos?
The class videos are streamed through a Vimeo link on the Awaken-Love website. Video Facilitators and Class Participants have access to the videos via My Resources. You will need adequate internet to stream videos and a screen large enough for women to see and hear.  You can also individually view the videos on  iPhones, iPads, or iPods.

How can I suggest that my church offer the Video Class?  
The Awaken-Love class has historically spread by word of mouth. Consider taking the class with a few other women and then ask to share with your church leadership how it has impacted you and your marriage. We also have a handout with basic information about the Awaken-Love Video Class that you can print and share.

How do I invite friends to take the Video Class with me?  
We have sample invitations and fliers for you to use or you can create your own. You can also talk to women about the Video Class in person. Don’t be afraid to ask friends that are coming to invite their friends. Be aware that sex is a very painful topic for some women and you don’t always know what is going on. Respect people’s answer whether it is yes or no.

How do we launch the Awaken-Love Video Class at a larger church?
Though it is not a requirement, we recommend having the women leaders that will serve as Video Facilitators go through the the class first. Then, when the Video Class is offered to the larger church audience, those leaders can register as Video Facilitators for their small groups. For example, a church with 150 women registering for the Video Class would have at least 10 women register as Video Facilitators.

Again, not a requirement, but it could be helpful to have Ruth come and speak at a women’s event to create interest in the subject of marital intimacy and the Video Class about a month before the Video Class launches to the larger audience. She could also spend some time meeting with the Video Facilitators to answer questions and help equip them. Ruth can also meet with leaders via video conferencing.

My church won’t offer the Video Class without previewing the material. What can I do?  
Have your church contact us and we can make arrangements for them to preview the Awaken-Love Video Class curriculum and videos.

Could we watch the videos as a big group and then break into small groups?
We recommend that small groups watch the videos in their own rooms because the discussion questions for the class are interspersed throughout the weekly videos.  Plus, private small groups allow for deeper vulnerability and trust to grow.

It is possible for multiple small groups to meet around tables in a large room and watch the videos together. During discussion times, it will likely get loud as multiple groups talk simultaneously. Some women may feel inhibited in what they can share in such a large room. If the small groups are meeting in a large room, then during Week 3, when there is an extended time of sharing personal baggage, we recommend small groups find private rooms and then reconvene for the rest of the video lesson.

It is important that the women in the small groups stay consistent throughout the 6 week class.

Can a Class Participant access the video if she misses a class?
Yes. She can login and go to My Resources to access the videos.

What if I have a question?
Check the FAQ’s, and the Step by Step Guide or contact us.

Can I share or borrow books?  
Sure, but most people want their own copy so they can mark them up, read them again or read them with their husband at a later time.  New or used books work great in the class.  You can order them online or pick them up locally.

Should I take the Video Class if I am separated from my husband?   
It depends. We encourage you to contact us so that we help you discern whether the Video Class would be helpful.