Awaken Love Engaged Couples

Looking for answers before the wedding night?
Want to hear another message than, “Don’t Do It”?
Wonder how your past will impact your marriage?

God Wants You to Have an Amazing Sex Life in Marriage

Armed with a solid foundation of biblical truth, respectful information, and tools to communicate, you can create the intimacy you dream of.

Don’t Let Your Past Impact Your Future

Few of us received good messages from our parents or church about sex. The silence and awkward talks communicated as much as words. Though we might joke about sex, we rarely discuss it in good and healthy ways. Couples feel isolated and confused when great sex doesn’t naturally fall into place.

Learn to Talk About Sex

The truth is that great sex requires intentionality, vulnerability, dependence on God, and open communication. Before your wedding night, start talking about sex, past experiences, fears, expectations, and dreams. Take a step towards creating real intimacy by being known.

The Engaged Edition Video Class can be used

  • By individual couples
  • For a take home assignment for pre-marital counseling
  • With a group of engaged couples

At just 45 minutes long, the videos are designed to open up conversation and help couples get comfortable talking about sex before marriage. For just $10 you will receive online access of the video for 30 days, Class Notes, Follow Up Questions, a Resource List, and a Leaders Guide for Groups. After registering, log in to website and access class materials through the My Resources button in the upper right.

The videos will help couples:

Understand their Lens

We don’t come into marriage with a clean slate. Messages from culture and past experiences impact how we feel about sex. We must understand the lies that we have believed and help our spouse understand our own insecurities or baggage.

Learn God’s Design for Sex

Understanding God’s design for sex and how it plays out in marriage will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls. When you appreciate the differences between men and women you will understand God’s amazing design of getting to know each other.

Open Up Conversations about Boundaries

God gives us much freedom in the marriage bed, but we are all unique. By asking the right questions and involving God in your decisions you will begin the journey to creating intimacy.

Bring Pornography into the Light

Most people have been impacted by pornography. Rather than ignore the white elephant in the room, we encourage couples to talk before marriage. Working together you can create real intimacy.

Understand their Spouse

Men and women approach sex in very different ways, from the way our bodies work, to what turns us on. Learn how to understand your future spouse so that you can love them better.

Invest in Your Future and Gain Powerful Tools to Create a Fulfilling Sex Life in Your Marriage!

For just $10, you gain access to the online video for 30 days, as well as notes to accompany the class and additional resources to promote discussion and further growth.

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