Living in the Tension

There is nothing easy about living in the tension

This place that is neither black nor white. It requires us to discern and not just follow rules. We have to talk about things, wrestle with God and we have to be ready to change when God calls us to something different. Living in the tension is hard but it also helps us understand who God is.

God is able to extend mercy and grace but He is also just and righteous.

God loves us by accepting us as we are but He also speaks truth to us about who He created us to become.

He calls us to serve but He also calls us to receive.

God tells us that it is not what we do that earns favor with Him but it is out of an abundant love for Him that we do what He calls us to.

It would be much easier if God just gave us a set of rules to follow, but He doesn’t. He is much more interested in our heart and our motivation then following the rules. He wants us to have a relationship with Him and a heart that has a pulse on who He is.