DO’S AND DON’TS – To Help Your Wife Have a Sexual Awakening

More than once a husband has emailed asking the question,

“How do I help my wife to have a sexual awakening?”

We probably ought to start by talking about how I would define a sexual awakening.

SEXUAL AWAKENING – waking up to God’s truth and design for sex within marriage that leads to a freedom and desire to live in that fullness.

As with anything, you cannot change your spouse, but you can strive to be a positive influence in their life. The best thing you can do is love your wife as Christ loved the church – that mean selflessly, unconditionally, sacrificially. It is not a small challenge, but it is what God called you to do. If you are man enough to take that on – than continue reading because here are some ways to help your wife combat the stereotypes and messages that she may believe about men or sex.