Clitoral Orgasms

One of my favorite articles,   “The amusement park of orgasms”  describes clitoral orgasms as “The Roller Coaster Dip.” Those mind blowing orgasms that swoosh down a free fall as they release every ounce of sexual tension in your body. They can leave you feeling like a blob of putty unable to move, speak or think.  Clitoral orgasms result from stimulation of the clitoris using hands,  mouth, or whatever.



One of my favorite secular sex books is “Orgasms: how to have them, give them and keep them coming”by Lou Paget. I love her books because she does not try to define what women experience by scientifically studying them. Instead, she writes what thousands of women have shared about their sexual experiences.  In her book she states woman have experienced at least 10 different pathways to orgasm. Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Please don’t think that I am pressuring women to once again perform. I simply want to encourage women to enjoy their experiences while remaining open to new possibilities. God gave us amazing bodies with unlimited potential for enjoyment.

It is important to understand the 3 main pathways of stimulation that women take to experience an orgasm during intercourse – clitoral, G-spot and deep spot. Understanding these pathways will help you recognize positions that may provide the kind of stimulation leading to orgasm during intercourse. Recognizing how the different orgasms feel as they approach will help you cue into the pleasure and go after it.  What I write is based on my own experiences, the experiences of women that have shared during class, and lots of reading.

Although this article could be helpful for anyone, it  is part of a series “How to have an orgasm during intercourse”. If you are working towards that goal, please make sure that you read my previous articles The Big Question, His and Her Kegels ,Talk about What? and Flexibility Training


Let your fingers do the walking

main8467If you got a chance to read about “The amusement park of orgasms” in Hot, Holy and Humorous, then you know that the first orgasm she describes is “The Roller Coaster Dip”. It is that mind blowing orgasm that swooshes down a free fall as it releases every ounce of sexual tension in your body. It can leave you feeling like a blob of putty that cannot move, speak or think.  It is the orgasm that results from stimulation of the clitoris by hands,  mouth, or whatever.

Direct stimulation of the clitoris is the most reliable way for women to orgasm. Many times it is the most defined orgasm especially if intercourse is not taking place at the same time. With clitoral stimulation , there is a clarity of where the sensations are coming and a radiating out from that point to the ends of our finger tips and toes and the top of our head.

For women that have never had an orgasm, giving yourself the freedom to do some self-exploration may be the best thing you ever do for your marriage. A book I read recently that worked with pre-orgasmic women, suggested spending an hour every day for 2-5 weeks to figure out what works for you. That sounds like an enormous amount of time. but why not. When we learn how to play an instrument or a sport, we commit to practice on a regular basis for years. So why not commit to learning your body, so that you can teach your husband?

Even for women that orgasm on a regular basis, it is not unusual for orgasms resulting from self stimulation to physically feel the strongest, and we might wonder how this can be.