Using Words to Fuel Passion During Sex

Words add excitement during sex. Women that masturbate often imagine what is being said to them. Even saying or imagining their own verbal enthusiasm can coax their body’s response. When my husband lets down his guard enough to ask for what his body aches for, it adds to my arousal in powerful ways. When our filters finally disappear, the “Oh yes!!”, “Don’t stop!” or “Harder” fuel passion. But what words can Christian couples use in the marriage bed?


Words Transport Women

Words transport women. That is why women devour romance novels and erotica. Hearing words can take us to a different place in an instant and it can be arousing and erotic. I suspect if husbands understood how powerful words were, they would be a little more interested in learning how to use their words to transport their wife.


The Power of Words

power-of-words1I’ve had an interesting week as I have prepared for my women’s class “How to drive your man crazy”. Many of you know that one of my favorite books on sexual techniques is She Comes First by Ian Kerner.  It is literally a mans detailed guide to pleasuring his wife with his mouth. The book lays out some very general principals that all men should adhere to and then a myriad of different possibilities and techniques to tickle the fancy. My husbands input was that” this was entirely too many words to read” and so I set about condensing the book down to an outline that I use to enlighten the men during their class. It takes them from creating anticipation for the first kiss, to setting up rhythms, to developing tension, to the finish line.

My goal for this women’s class? To come up with an outline of how to “drive your man crazy” with your mouth. Now every man  is different, and really it is about connecting with and getting to know our husband better. But there must be some general principles and techniques that we could use to really wow our husbands and maybe even take them to a place they might not have imagined. So I sat down with my laptop and came up with a list of principles that can guide us. Next I attempted to put words to places that a wife could take her husband, from the warm up and first kiss, to a list of core-play ideas, and finally to the finish line. It ending up being a lot of fun to think about what a wife could do,  put it to words, and then read it to my husband.

I think there is something to this” putting it to words” concept. It allows us to be intimate with our spouse in a completely different way. Couples that are separated for long periods of time learn how to be intimate through written words. If you allow yourself to try this, you may see a completely different side to your husband, and he may see a very different side of you. You might even learn something new about your self along the way

So your mission this week, is to dare to sit down and write a detailed description, play by play of either something that you would like to do to your husband, or that you would like him to do to you. Set up a romantic time to read it to him and enjoy.