Words Transport Women

Words transport women. That is why women devour romance novels and erotica. Hearing words can take us to a different place in an instant and it can be arousing and erotic. I suspect if husbands understood how powerful words were, they would be a little more interested in learning how to use their words to transport their wife.

So rather than trying to convince men, I propose that they give it a try and see what happens.

Husbands, spend some time thinking about a time that you and your wife had sex and it was absolutely amazing.

Think about what led to it, how you felt and how she felt. How did the interaction began, who initiated, signals that were given, eye contact or touches that took place. Think about how the interaction played out. How did your wife feel to you – her skin, her body. Think about what you saw, enjoyed or feasted on visually. How did you touch your wife, how did she react and what it did to you. Picture the entire sequence of how things played out. Think about how you felt afterward – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

One night this week as you are lying in bed cuddling, whisper in her ear…

“I remember this amazing time we connected when ……” and then quietly describe the experience you have been thinking about this week in all its details from the beginning to the end.

Then you tell me, is there power in words?


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