Awaken Love For Wives

Do you ever wish you felt more connected to your husband?
Have you struggled to feel totally free in your marriage bed?
Is intimacy with your husband the last thing on your “to do” list?


We’ve all been told lies about sex within Christian marriages… have sex for your husband, your body wasn’t made to enjoy it, you need to compete with pornography… and so many others. In a safe community of women, we’ll discover we aren’t alone in our struggles and that God designed intimacy for us too.


Our Biblically based classes are available in person or online to help you discover God’s design for sex in marriage. You can take them in a group or by yourself. Throughout the class, we’ll redefine intimacy, help you unpack the baggage brought into your marriage, gain tools to communicate with your husband about sex and put your learning into action in your marriage bed.


Your relationship with God will be transformed as you watch and experience miracles happen in marriages. You’ll gain a new appreciation for God’s creation – you! Knowing that you are not broken and were created to experience pleasure, you’ll be more open with your husband and be amazed by the impact a Godly view of intimacy has on your marriage.

“Thank you for going where few will go, guiding Christians to a fulfilled and sanctified marriage bed. My marriage will forever be impacted.”

The For Wives Class can be taken both Live or using Videos

The six-week study incorporates reading assignments from Song of Songs, and Christian books Intimate Issues and Sheet Music or Awaken Love. All participants have access to the 6 videos, receive fun daily emails, get application homework to practice what you learn, and 4 secret homework assignments for your husband.

In-person or zoom class

Join an in-person For Wives class near you.

Online class

Take a 6-week For Wives video class.

The Six Week Classes Cover:

  • Intimacy
    Learning to create connection and intimacy, and understanding our role as wives.
  • God’s Design for Sex
    The reasons God created sex, how sex tends to play out in marriage, and God’s design to grow us.
  • Baggage Week
    Uncovering the lies about sex, healing past baggage, and learning to love our body.
  • Boundaries and Communication
    Discerning God’s boundaries in the marriage bed, and learning to not only communicate about sex, but create excitement using words.
  • Women’s Bodies
    Detailed, respectful information about women’s bodies, how they work, and how they work with their husbands.
  • Men’s Bodies, Drives and Planning Sex Dates
    Respectful information about men’s bodies, navigating sex drives, and how to create fun by planning sex dates.

Take this journey with a friend

Though classes can be taken on your own, we encourage you to invite a friend on this journey. Healing happens in community with women ministering to women.

Learn God’s truth about sex today

Whether you and your husband have a great marriage, or are struggling, this class will create an amazing opportunity to open up the conversation of sex. Regardless of how long you’ve been married, God has more for you to discover. Don’t put off what might be one of the best decisions of your life. Learn God’s truth about sex today.

What Women Are Saying

Going into your class I thought I had the “sex” thing figured out, but I have realized sex is not just a way for me to serve my husband. Sex is a powerful way to connect with my husband as well. God designed sex for BOTH of us.

Your reading list and emails were the spark we needed to open up to each other. We have been praying together a lot more…. God has answered my prayers.

For the past 30 years of our marriage …I never fully realized how not having regular sex impacted my husband and our marriage. I wish I had taken Awaken-Love when I was a young mother.

I am so thankful that God led me to your class as it opened my eyes to God’s true vision for sex in marriage, and what a gift it is.  You’ve helped me start on a journey of healing and developing a healthy, positive view toward sex.

Not ready for the Awaken Love class just yet?

That’s okay. We understand it can feel awkward or uncomfortable to talk about sex. Our 7 Myths About Sex – DeBunked guide will help you better understand God’s plan for sex between you and your husband. Download it for free and we hope it helps you find more intimacy within your marriage!

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