Video Classes

The Awaken-Love Video study is accessible to married women all over the world!

Gather a group of women that want to strengthen their marriage and go on a journey of claiming God’s powerful gift of sex.

“This class is so impactful and so different than many may think, because it is real! Even though this is a Christian class with Christian women, it is not like what you may have learned about sex from the church in the past. Most of the time the church is vague, one-sided, or unrealistic about sex and this class is none of those things. I learned real-life tips, conversations, and homework to practice with my husband. On the other hand, this class is infused with God. We relate marriage to our relationship with God during every lesson and we use the Bible and Songs of Solomon as the guide for how to act and what God is okay with.”

The 6 week video study uses the same curriculum, homework, group discussions and daily emails as the live Awaken-Love class, but the teaching comes from the videos. The videos are formatted to provide some teaching, then prompt the class participants to pause the video to discuss specific questions, followed by more teaching and then more discussion. No teachers needed; the study can be led by one of the women in the class serving as the facilitator. It will feel like Ruth and Melanie are literally teaching in your living room or class room.

“In this class I learned a lot about both the woman’s and the man’s bodies that I hadn’t known before.”

We believe taking the class as a group of married women is critical. Reading Song of Songs together, sharing the mixer questions and discussing the material will create community and enhance learning. Safe, respectful conversations about sex in class can overflow into amazing conversations with your husband as you share what you are learning.

“Just an update, I was able to talk to my husband that night about my baggage I was holding onto. What a freeing and beautiful experience. “

So gather a group of women, find a facilitator, locate a private meeting place with internet access, set a start date, register your video class, and get ready to see God move in amazing ways!

Check out the step by step guide to getting a video class started.