Ruth BuezisLast week I flew to Texas for five amazing days.  God has rocked my world and given me a new partner in ministry, Melanie Lloyd. He has shifted my focus and redirected my energy to equipping other women to teach. God has affirmed my calling to share His truth about sex. I am so excited my head is spinning with ideas and I have a smile that won’t go away.

Visiting Melanie

My trip started in Austin with a visit to Melanie.  At the last minute, I had decided to pack my journal because I thought sharing it might be a great way for Melanie to know me and my journey. When she picked me up at the airport, I felt a little embarrassed but when I told her, she just lit up in laughter.” I brought my journal with me today too, I don’t know why”. Just another confirmation from God that He wants us to partner.

Saturday morning we woke early to head to church for the women’s event. Her church had arranged a time to share with the women about intimacy since they will be offering Awaken Love this fall. Originally they thought about 40 women would attend. Then the numbers grew to 65, and then 95. Saturday morning 150 women arrived.


I have never spoken to close to that many women and never imagined that I would. Feeling strangely calm we prayed and prepared.

God had given me two specific directions for the morning.

  1. Use razor sharp words with no extra distractions.
  2. Encourage women to take off their filthy rags.

I am not sure that I have ever felt so free during a talk to really connect with those listening. I remember at one point seeing a woman with tears streaming down her face and feeling that God was speaking directly to her.

After the talk the women broke into groups of 2-3 women and dug deep as they shared about their own marriage. Women shed tears, laid  hands and prayed.  As we came back together I shared about Awaken Love and then fielded question. We really can respectfully talk about sex out loud in church.  That night 50 women signed up as interested in taking the class and Melanie’s church was left wondering what to do.