The Peak of Confidence – Straddling His Face

peakStraddling his face only happens when a wife feels absolutely at the peak of confidence. She must be thoroughly warmed up and beyond worrying about what she looks like, or even societal roles and norms. Her body feels sleek, clean and sexy and she feels secure asking for what she wants. She knows her husband wants to give it to her – in fact, he doesn’t just want to give it to her – it turns him on.

The Set Up

The wife might start out by giving her husband oral stimulation or manual stimulation with him laying on his back, his head propped up with a pillow so that he can see better.  When she is ready, she can transition by telling him it is her turn. She can spend some time kissing, rubbing her body along his and eventually make it clear that she has even bigger plans.

The Move

She can then move into position, straddling his face so he can pleasure her with oral stimulation. Holding a headboard will provide her support. A husband can provide additional connection and stimulation by using his hands on her buttocks or breasts. The wife can take control of the movement, pressure and pace. She can fully open herself up and take advantage of building tension by flexing her pelvis forward as the husband gains full access to her body.

Step out, stay in the moment and thrill your husband as you soar at ….

The Peak of Confidence

Ruth Buezis