Song of Songs 2:16-17


16 My beloved is mine and I am his;
    he browses among the lilies.
17 Until the day breaks
    and the shadows flee,
turn, my beloved,
    and be like a gazelle
or like a young stag
    on the rugged hills.[g]

My beloved is mine and I am his: he browses among the lilies. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee….

The most common time that couples have sex is 11:00 at night – probably one of the worst times. It is when our bodies are exhausted, and our brains over stimulated processing what happened throughout the day.

We need to have sex other times of the day, and one of the best is first thing in the morning. If we have been cuddling all night long, our bodies will be warmed up. Hopefully our brains have not sprung back into action thinking about the schedule for the day yet.  Our husbands testosterone levels are at their highest and our bodies are rested.

So this week –

1. Have sex in the morning.