Personal Grooming

A little grooming can go a long ways for both husband and wife. We need to be oh so considerate of each other when we are intimate. That means fresh clean bodies, clean smooth hands, trimmed nails and yes maybe – groomed pubic hair. 

You can create new terrain and new sensations through grooming. Remove all your hair, leave a landing strip, or you can trim it. You can talk about it in advance or deliver a surprise wrapped in a bow. Dive all the way in, or gradually get your feet wet.


Getting Ready for Summer and whatever…

sunbathing___by_manso0n-d3lh7mvWarm weather is finally here and part of feeling confident is grooming the bikini area so you are ready for sun bathing and whatever else happens your way. Keeping the bikini area groomed can especially  help with feeling clean and fresh if your husband takes a trip south to pleasure you.

There are several ways to go about it. Even though  a Brazilian wax lasts the longest, it sounds terrifying to me. The thought of having hair torn from pores in my sensitive areas pretty much eliminates that option.

Shaving is the route that I prefer and I found a great video put out by Gillette here. If I wait a few days between shaves, it avoids getting any ingrown hairs or irritated skin. I love the venus razor and skintimate shave gel for sensitive skin. I’ve also decided I like to leave a small triangular landing strip, mostly because that is the hardest spot to shave.

So ladies, if you haven’t tried it, summer is a perfect time to try some new grooming and see if you and your husband like it.