Menopause – Sex Whenever I Want

One of the big pluses of having a hysterectomy or making it through menopause is the absence of my monthly friend. No more period to show up just as I am headed out for a week in the boundary waters. The flow of money for buying tampons and pads finally comes to a screeching halt. New pretty panties no longer end up covered in stains. And, I can have sex whenever I want, 365 days a year.


CRAVE your husband

My husband and I have always had a good marriage, and once we got things figured out, our sex life was good – but it is completely different now!

We used to have sex when my hormones surged, or I was feeling guilty because it had been too long. For me, the hormone surges occurred around ovulation and right before my period. I decided whether the gate was open, and my patient husband waited for the signal.

I often hear that for men sex is physical, but I look back and realize that sex was completely physical for me. I let my hormones determine when I wanted to have sex.

My sex life has changed drastically since I have a new understanding of God’s design. I CRAVE my husband and the connection between us. I miss him and actually get grumpy when sex is not happening.

It’s kind of like running. When I first started running, it was painful, it was drudgery, and it was the last thing that I wanted to do. After running on a regular basis for several months, it gradually got easier and it became something I looked forward to. I missed it when I couldn’t run.

But if you only train once a week, running will never get any easier, and it will never become something you crave. It will only be drudgery.

The longer women go without sex, the more we could care less and the less responsive we will be. The more sex we have, the more we will desire it and the more responsive we will become. This is a well-known fact that most women agree with.

So if we desire for our sex life to become more than our hormones driving us, what do we do?

First, we have to get our head on straight. We need to realize that God created sex for us as much as our husbands. Even though we may never have a hormonal drive like our husbands, sex is important for us. Think about how connected you feel to your husband after great sex.

Second, we need to make sure that we are having great sex. We must be present, getting to know each other, communicating our needs and enjoying things that work for us as well as our husbands.

Third, we need to have sex often enough that we miss it when it is not happening. I will not give you a magic number, but you must recognize after a certain amount of tiime, you desire your husband less, and at some point you desire him more. Wouldn’t it be an awesome thing to get where you miss him? Could you actually get to the point where you CRAVE your husband?


Back at It

It has been almost a month since my last post. My daughter got married in our back yard, out of town family came and went, and daughters were packed up bound for college. Summer has flown by and the time to sit down to think and write just didn’t happen. There were several times that topics came up that I wanted to write about, but I felt like I could not do them justice in the little time I had.
The longer I went without writing, the harder it was to start. The longer I went, the more I felt like I didn’t even know where to start. The longer I went, the more I doubted whether it really even made a difference.
It sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? It sounds kind of like sex….
The longer I go without sex, the harder it is to enter into it again. I get to the point where I can just take it or leave it and I have to make a conscious decision to make it a priority.
The longer I go without sex, the harder it becomes to respond. I recall many times when I have told my husband, “what if I don’t remember what to do?” It has taken a patient husband and me trusting him enough to gently reawaken my body.
The longer I go without sex, the more I doubt how important it is for my marriage. Does sex really make a difference, or maybe we could just live together and be best friends.
Sex does make a difference, it is a big deal. It is one of the ways that God connects me to my husband and He makes us one. Sex creates the difference between best friends and marriage, it makes us one.
And so today, out of an obedience to strengthen marriages, I choose to sit down and write. Today, out of a knowledge that it will get easier, I start typing, and wrestling with the words, and slowly things start to flow easier. Today, I trust that God will make a difference in some ones marriage.