Creative Date Ideas

One of the questions I ask women during class is, “What is something romantic that your husband could plan for you?”

I’ve heard all kinds of answers but was totally caught off guard when one woman said,

“Honestly, if I could just have some time alone – with no kids, no husband and no expectations.”

Pretty soon more women were jumping on board and sharing how even though they love it when their husband plans a special date, it always feels like it comes with strings attached. Instead of enjoying the night and being thankful for a husband that wants to romance them, they dread what is next.

How sad is that! Our husband tries to do something nice and we spend our night thinking, “Darn, he is going to expect sex tonight.”

We kind of do it to ourselves I suppose…



I hope you have enjoyed our series “WANT TO HAVE FUN?” leading up to Valentine’s Day. It is good to be intentional and plan something special. If you asked me about some of my favorite memories of connecting with my husband, many of them would involve one of us planning something special or different. Sometimes it was romantic, sometimes it was edgy and sometimes it was just something new. Meat and potatoes sex is great, but sometimes you want lobster, fondue, or Thai food.

Planning For Each Other

A few years ago I realized that the things I planned for my husband were really things that I wished he would do for me.  And that what he planned for me were probably things that he desired. So we made a deal. On 3×5 cards I wrote down 12 specific date ideas that I would love. He wrote down 12 date ideas of his own. We traded the cards and each month, our goal was to plan one date that we knew the other would thoroughly enjoy.

The date ideas could be anything from a detailed romantic setting at home, a spicy rendezvous at a restaurant, or how we desired sex to play out. The sky was the limit. This was our chance to reveal a part of who we were and ask for what would really turn us on.

Here’s our challenge for you….

  • So talk to your spouse
  • Spend some time dreaming about what would really be fun
  • Write down 12 of your own desires and have your spouse do the same
  • Include specific details to make the date really come alive
  • Trade the cards
  •  Each month plan one date for the other
  • Make some amazing memories

Ruth Buezis