More Women’s Testimonies

testimonyIt is a blessing to hear about God changing women’s lives and marriages through the Awaken-Love study.  If you have completed an Awaken-Love class, then we invite you to submit your testimony to help other married women understand why the Awaken-Love study may benefit them. Your testimony is an encouragement to us, too!

“Even though the study just ended today, I feel like my journey is just beginning. And my journey is so much bigger than growing in intimacy with my husband. I have realized that I have a lot to work through from my past in order to be the wife and mother I want to be. And I’m so glad I found this class now, while I still have many years ahead of me to heal and pave the way to a healthy marriage. In just the six short weeks since I started, my life has changed dramatically.”

“The ease, comfort, and tenderness in which you deliver this class — really these messages from God to us — is phenomenal, approachable, and incredible.”

‘Thank you for listening to the calling God placed on you to lead couples to deeper intimacy. God orchestrated this class at the perfect point in our marriage. It’s unreal to think how your class has equipped me to forgive and process the baggage that we both have dragged in from our past experiences. Your class has helped us strengthen our bond through true and passionate intimacy with each other. Praise God!”

“Awaken-Love changed my marriage! I did not realize how important God intended sex to be in our marriage. The class introduced a new way of looking at sex as we discussed how to incorporate fun and adventure into our sex lives. Not only did I learn a lot, but I loved getting to know the other women in the class….we laughed a lot.”

“The biggest difference this class has made for me is that I feel so much freer in the way I love my husband sexually.  On a 10-point scale, our sex life went from about a 5 to nearly a perfect 10.  We are having so much fun!  At first my husband was apprehensive about me taking the class, feeling that I must not be satisfied sexually.  But after the first couple of weeks he did not want me to miss a class.  Recently he said, “I feel excited to see you just like when we first started dating.”  And the benefits go beyond just your sex life.  When a husband and wife are enjoying each other sexually, their relationship can’t help but flourish.  I’m convinced that God wants every wife to know what Awaken-Love is teaching.”

“What surprises me most, is the lasting changes it has made in our marriage. I’m enjoying sex more than I ever have with my husband. Awaken-Love has worked to spark a desire to be creative and more loving in the way I receive pleasure from and respond to my husband sexually. It has inspired me to continue to learn more so that I can be the best wife I can be to my husband and to enjoy the gift of sex that God has given to us in our marriage.”

“After taking Awaken-Love and learning to move past my insecurities and my negative view of what sex is supposed to be, I’m amazed at the transformation. My husband was the first to stop me and say “ I want you to know how much this change means to me. The best change, however, has been the multiple ways that we work to show each other we love each other. We are praying together, playing with our daughter together, dancing in the kitchen, making meals together, leaving notes and texts, and just enjoying each other in every way.”

“My dad passed away last night so I’m not sure if I will make our last class. I want to thank you for your obedience to the Lord in teaching this class…It saved my marriage and the timing was perfect. If I would not have had the revival of my marriage the death of my father would have been so much more difficult. I have been praying for my marriage for 10 years and taking different classes and studies…somehow your class was exactly what we needed and my husband told me he has never been more in love with me than now. I can now say he is my lover and my very best friend and mean it. My prayer is that every woman will take your class and Christian marriages will be contagious!”

“It’s never too early to take the class. My husband and I were only one year into our marriage when I took the class, and I am SO thankful for it! Though we felt comfortable with our sex life, the class pushed us to try new things early on and be adventurous, and gave me a new confidence in our sex life and my own sensuality. I learned a lot from listening to the women in the class who had been married longer and had gotten into a place they weren’t happy with, and my husband and I dialogued a lot about that and how we could prevent that from happening in our marriage. We feel well equipped moving forward!”

“A few things that I would share are: 1. Even if your sex life is “good,” this class can help bring it up another level for both you and your husband!  Taking this class doesn’t indicate that you have a problem, just that you want things to be even better. 2. It helps you better understand how your man thinks about sex. 3. It’s a great excuse/reason to have some awkward conversations and ask your husband about things that you’ve always wondered about.  It opens up a LOT of communication. 4. The material is both informative and FUN! 5. The purpose for the class is not to give you tips and tricks to better satisfy your husband, but rather help YOU experience a new level of freedom in your marriage.  This takes different forms for different women: being set free from guilt and sexual shame from the past, opening up conversation with your husband, getting your questions answered, better understanding your OWN anatomy and your husband’s body, new ideas of things to try with your husband, and working toward achieving orgasm more consistently – or maybe even for the first time.”

“My husband and I had been in total room-mate mode for many years and I was really getting depressed about it and had been praying for a change for some time. I know that God needed to change my heart and my attitude about certain things and my prayer was that I would be the best possible spouse for my husband…in every area of our relationship. We have been through some pretty tough circumstances these past few years and it has been a challenge in many ways, but I can honestly say that we are stronger and closer than ever and the things I have been learning in your class have helped me tremendously.”

“Thanks for teaching this class for women. You bring a much needed approach to this area! I love your enthusiasm and passion for experiencing all God has for us in our marriage. I loved your teaching style of blending Biblical, personal, books, the articles throughout the week, the homework…all was so good!!! You set such a fun tone and your passion is contagious.”

“First, I want to say THANK YOU if I haven’t already. Thank you for teaching this class and just sharing your heart and passion. It has been so refreshing to verbalize some of things in a safe setting and to hear a seasoned wife verbalize what is great sex, what’s good and honoring. I can already feel huge pieces being chiseled away from our marriage and a new sense of freedom. I saw this picture that I’ve been carrying around this heavy rock and God wants to chisel it away so I can be free to be me. We tried something new the other night that I’ve literally never done with anyone else, even with all my mistakes. It felt AMAZING to do with my husband and let myself receive and I felt NO GUILT after. Hooray 🙂 I just wanted you to know a little of what your class is doing for one wife.”

“My husband and I had been married for twenty years when I signed up for this class.  We really struggled with communicating about sex and intimacy. No one in church or at home had ever talked to me about how to make sex great.  There were only two things I ever heard from church and home – don’t do it and you are the only clean drinking water for a very thirsty husband. I never heard how to make strong connections with him or even how to break the ice. In this study, I learned about the beauty of sex – the beauty of intimacy.  We started really talking.  It was terrifying and exhilarating, but most of all freeing.  The freedom we have now is what we were supposed to have all along.  If you want to be free to love each other and learn a ton, sign up for this class.”

“I want to say thank you for leading such a wonderful class and for letting me be a part of it. I can’t tell you how life-changing the study was for me. I never knew six weeks ago that my life was about to really change and become so much better. I also loved your teaching style and I hope I have the chance to glean more wisdom from you sometime in the future.

I feel like I have a lot to soak up from everything we just went over. I didn’t realize how much I still need to work through parts of my past, and I’m grateful that this class brought it to light. So in a lot of ways I feel like my journey is just beginning, even though the study is over. Thank you for helping me get on the path towards healing.

I was hoping to catch you after class to tell you all of this in person, and hopefully I’ll see you soon. But for now, I want to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.”

“Sex isn’t supposed to be stressful! I learned to be more open and communicate in our relationship and that intimacy with Christ reflects our marriage.”

“I have a great marriage and sex life but wanted to learn more about how that connected with my relationship with God.  I learned that every marriage is unique and that God has a plan for different couples and that I have to surrender to both God and my husband.”

“I realized there are so many things about my husband that I have been taking for granted.  I realized that I need to be open to change and be asking God to change my attitude toward sex so that I can view it as just as important for me as it is for him.  I think all married women should be encouraged to take this class – as early in their marriage as possible!”

“The most meaningful take away was knowing that my marriage should be a reflection of relationship with God.  This class helped give me a new perspective on my relationship with my husband.  I now view my sexual relationship with my husband as a God given gift!  Thank you for giving us a “safe” place to discuss such intimate and sensitive topics.  This has given me some info to chew on as I strive to grow in Christ and in my marriage.”

“Talking openly with Christian women about sex was meaningful. This really opened my eyes and allowed me to grow as a women and in my marriage and in my relationship with God.  I feel like I have a more accurate view of sex as God designed it and a new understanding of His plans for intimacy with Him and my husband.  The freedom that God has given us in marriage and in our marriage bed has created a new level of comfort and vulnerability in our marriage.”

“I realized that God made sex for both men and women and started spending more time focusing on my husband and not on the house and kids.  The marriage bed is not just a wife duty. “

“I changed because I saw how much freedom, joy, holiness and fun is found in sex and how it is an example of God’s love for us. It developed stronger communication lines with my husband and I and God.  I love how it connected sex to our relationship with God and how it was offered at church.  God wants us to be drunk with love like in Song of Solomon, to savor the pleasure He gives us in marriage.”

“I learned to communicate with my husband better!  We have more freedom than I ever realized. Every married woman should participate in this Bible study.”

“It changed my marriage!  All you ladies that are young marrieds I wish I had taken this class then.  Don’t let 15 years of marriage go by before you realize that your marriage could be better.”

“When I was asked to be apart of a 6-week Awaken-Love class, I thought to myself what in the world was God thinking! Turns out he knew what he was doing. My marriage of 24 years was on the brink of divorce. There wasn’t any thing that was going to change my mind, I was done. During this class, I learned a lot about how much God loves marriage and how much he’s involved in our marriage beds. I will forever be grateful for the class and the other 6 women, who have become sweet friends. I cherish the time we shared together. The books are awesome too. I plan to read them from front to back. Oh and by the way, my husband was disappointed when the 6 weeks was over. He looked forward to each weeks homework. Our intimacy, our sex life, our love for each other has grown. He told me just this morning that we’re making love more now than ever before. We have both been changed. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”