For Wives Video Classes

Women can take the Awaken Love video class in a group or on their own by using our 6-week video series.  Using the same curriculum, daily emails and books, the videos are formatted to provide some teaching, then prompt class discussion, followed by more teaching. It will feel like Ruth and her friend Melanie are right in the room.

If you want to take the class on your own, simply sign up yourself as a facilitator, and then don’t invite a friend. But taking the class with even just one friend provides a unique opportunity for healing and growth. So we encourage you to take a chance and include your friends on this journey. Meet in person or get creative and form a Zoom class, or private Facebook group. Women are hungry for Godly answers about sex and need a safe place to talk.

Find out what it’s like to lead a video class.

Sample video of For Wives Video Class

To lead a class, you don’t need to have sex all figured out, or have the perfect marriage.

Just create a safe environment to share, have a desire to learn God’s truth and trust Jesus with the rest. 

Follow the first 4 easy steps and then go ahead and register and pay for yourself. Afterwards if you want, you can invite your friends using our helpful resources.

Step by Step Guide for Leading Video Classes

(1) Decide on a time and six meeting dates for the class. The class will meet for two hours for six weeks. You will need to know your weekly meeting dates in order to register the class. The six weeks do not need to be consecutive, for instance you could meet every other week. The weekly meeting dates initiate the daily class emails sent to each Class Participant.

(2) Find a private location for the class to meet. You must have a screen (computer or tv) and sound system that can stream the internet to view the videos. Basements, private living rooms or church classrooms are great places to meet.

(3) The Video Facilitator will be asked to affirm agreement with the Video Facilitator GuideVideo Facilitator Agreement and Video Class Terms and Conditions during the registration process.  Please read these documents prior to registering the class.

(4) Register for Class. Input your name, private email address, city, state, the first five weekly meeting dates of the class and pay $20 for yourself. Registering will initiate the daily emails and give you access to the class videos for (120) days. You will also receive a URL link to forward to all participants to use for their own registration and $20 payment. Save this for future use. 

(5) Access resources for the class by logging into the website and then clicking on the My Resources button. You will find a pdf file of the Awaken-Love curriculum, the six class videos, a Video Facilitator training video, weekly video informational sheets, sample class welcome and class wrap up emails.

(6) Invite women to the class using the sample invitation and flyer. You can host as few as one and as many as 15.  As women express interest, forward the URL link for them to register and pay. After clicking on the link each woman will input their name, a private email and pay $20. Registering will initiate their daily emails and give them access to the class videos for (120) days. You should also collect the name and email of each participant to use for future class communication.

(7) Each Class Participant will need a copy of the books Sheet Music by Kevin Leman and Intimate Issues by Lorraine Pintus and Linda Dillow OR a copy of Awaken Love before class begins. They DO NOT need to purchase all three books. The curriculum specifies reading assignments for either option. They can purchase these new or used, or you can provide them and charge accordingly.  For your convenience, you can purchase the books through Amazon here. They will also need a copy of the curriculum for each participant. You can copy the curriculum at church, collect money to cover the cost at a copy center or ask them to copy their own curriculum.

(8) Before the Video Class starts the Video Facilitator will need to:
– watch the Video Facilitator Training Video;
– send out a welcome email to the Class Participants reminding them of the class meeting dates and the required books – see a sample;
– test the video stream at the class location;
– make and bind a copy of the curriculum for each Class Participant. The curriculum can be spiral bound, put in three ring binders or put in 3 prong folders; and
– purchase Dove dark chocolates to be used during Week 4 of the class.  One chocolate per Class Participant is needed.

(10) The first day of class the Video Facilitator will need:
– to bring her Bible;
– to login to access the video lesson;
– to bring a copy of the curriculum for each Class Participant; and
– to provide name tags if necessary.

(11) If you have more questions then check out Video Class FAQ.