Attend a Live Men’s Edition Class

Live and zoom classes provide an opportunity for men to learn, ask questions and encourage each other as  they discover God’s truth about sex. Often taught by a husband and wife team, a large component of the classes is designed to help you understand your wife.

Teacher Contacts

Please check the schedule of the teacher nearest you or email them to get information about class locations, dates, times or to sign up.



  • Jim and Ruth

Zoom Class – Wednesday nights Feb 17, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24  from 7 – 8:30 pm over zoom  – $20.

Email ruth.awakenlove@gmail to sign up.


  • Paul and Tracy

No classes scheduled at this time.

“To have a great marriage and a great spiritual life, this topic cannot be ignored any longer. The church and it’s people need to get involved and learn and share, so that we can all grow. I am so thankful for the opportunity to take this class and would recommend it to literally anyone!”

“I just wanted to check in to say a huge THANK YOU again! WOW, this class has changed my mind and our marriage. I cannot thank you enough.”

“Taking the class has been life-changing for both of us. One thing that resonated with both of us is that we are in a loving, committed, monogamous, Godly relationship. We should be having the best sex of anyone! No baggage! No yuck! Your class has helped me re-prioritize my intimacy with my husband. Feels like our honeymoon.”

“Thank you for your courage in teaching this class. You have made an enormous difference in my marriage, and I’m sure in countless others as well.  God is using you in a powerful way, and I’m so grateful for your work!”

Become a Teacher

Do you find yourself encouraging others in their sex lives, or maybe want to, but are too afraid? Are you dying to tell others about the the truth about sex within marriage? Do you keep asking, “When is the church going to start talking about sex to help strengthen marriages?” Become an Awaken Love Teacher.

What does it take to lead an Awaken Love class? It takes…

  • A life that is completely dependent on God – you can’t change anyone.
  • A rock solid marriage – your spouse must support you in teaching.
  • Sensitivity and compassion for the wounded and those that struggle.
  • Lips that are not loose or crass – in class or anytime.
  • A support system of encouraging Godly friends.
  • An appetite to learn more.
  • The ability to constantly give spouses the benefit of the doubt – except in cases of abuse.
  • A willingness to share your own struggles and triumphs – to be real.
  • The ability to help others discover things on their own – to ask questions.
  • The ability to create a safe and warm environment for sharing and learning.

After you have complete an Awaken Love class, if you feel called to teach, then spend some time praying about it, talking to your spouse and sharing with some Godly friends. Then set up an appointment to talk one-on-one with me. I want to help equip you and help you discern your next steps.