Husband Homework #4


Some people may think that keeping the romance and passion alive in a marriage just happens or that if things cool off as we age that it’s just part of getting older. We believe that we make choices that determine what our marriage becomes. We can do things that will put the heat back into our marriages or we can allow them to slowly grow cold over the years. God wants us to have great marriages. The kind of marriages where we can’t wait to get home and we can’t wait to get into each other’s arms.

Your wife has spent the last six weeks rediscovering the joy that God has for the two of you in your marriage bed. She has been learning about herself and tasting the freedom that God intends for her. She has also been learning about your needs and has planned different dates or activities for you to enjoy together. However, marriage is a mutual submission and a mutual serving of each other. It is important that you join her in making choices that will keep your marriage sizzling. You need to be a constant encouragement to her and to take the initiative to make plans that show her she is special and that you are thinking about her.

This week plan a surprise sex date for your wife.

Most wives love to know that their husband has taken time to plan something special. Let her enjoy the anticipation of the date by telling her which day or evening she needs to be available to join you. Make sure that you take care of the arrangements for the kids – whether it’s finding a place for them to stay for the afternoon or overnight, hiring a sitter or working out a kid swap with friends. Make sure that you have at least a two hour block of time so that the two of you have time to relax, connect and bask in the afterglow. Setting the tone for the date can really make a difference. Go to a nice hotel or plan a romantic atmosphere at home. A clean warm room, a few candles, nice music and a decadent dessert can go a long ways toward making your wife feel special. Make sure to look into her eyes, to visually enjoy her body, and tell her how beautiful she is. Slowly and gently lead her where you want to take her.

Make the choice to make your marriage sizzle for the rest of your lives.


Ruth and Melanie