Husband Homework #1


We hope that you are enjoying the journey that your wife is on and are amazed at how God is transforming her and your marriage. Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it is a slow but steady progression, and other times it is two steps forward and one step back.

One of the things that many women struggle with most is their body image. The influence of the media is a huge contributor, but we are also created with a need to hear words from our husband that build us up and make us feel beautiful. We want to hear how we turn our husband on and that our husband only has eyes for us. Even though we sometimes have a hard time receiving and believing compliments, they open us up to our husband like nothing else.

We know what you are thinking — words are hard for men. Perhaps that is part of God’s master plan. He stretches us to create intimacy. Sometimes a husband thinks that his wife knows how he feels or he may even think that he has verbally conveyed his feelings to his wife, when in reality he just thought them. Here’s the deal…your wife NEEDS to HEAR your words.

This week let your wife know how beautiful she is to you. Here are some ideas:

In the busyness of the day, take a moment to stop, look into her eyes, touch her gently with a simple touch to her hair or face, and tell her how she takes your breath away.

Write your wife a note and leave it someplace she will find it. Include things like a recent memory of when she caught your eye and why, what you love about her body, or how she is beautiful inside and out.

The next time you are making love to your wife, look into her eyes and tell her what you are thinking. Or feast your eyes on her body and tell her what you see.

Don’t make stuff up, your wife will sense that in a heartbeat. Just share what you are already thinking. She NEEDS to HEAR your words.


Ruth and Melanie