Daily Article 5-2


This is a detailed guide in how to pleasure your husband with oral sex and is part of my curriculum How to drive your man crazy.

It can take time to get comfortable loving your husband with oral sex. Start slow and just get to know him. Spend time touching him, kissing him, watching him and licking him.  Lube him up with coconut oil so that you can combine hand work with your mouth. If you mouth starts feeling tense, use your hand and relax your jaw. If you are uncomfortable taking him deep, combine your hand with the motion of your mouth.  You should always feel in control of what is going on. Ultimately it is just a way to know your husband up close and personal. Try to relax and focus on feeling every fiber of his body.

3 Assurances Your Husband Needs to Know

  1. You enjoy it as much as he does.
  2. His penis is absolutely amazing.
  3. I won’t do anything you don’t like.


  1. Fellatio is about getting to know your husband up close and personal.
  2. By paying careful attention to his arousal levels, you can prolong his enjoyment.
  3. It is not all about in and out movement – instead; licking, swirling, stillness.
  4. Create additional tension by supporting the base of the penis.
  5. Incorporate massage of the perineum with plenty of lube.
  6. Create rhythm and direction.
  7. Smooth, silky and connected – no teeth.
  8. Relax and enjoy him.

The Warm Up and First Kiss

  1. Warm him up with foreplay and gentle touch around the penis.
  2. Tease him with light unintentional touches of the penis, while kissing other parts of his body. Make him wait for it.
  3. Gently lick from the base to the tip, until his penis is begging to be taken. Let it search for your mouth, but not quite find it. Let the head of his penis gently graze your lips, or feel the hot breath of your open mouth, but don’t take him in yet.
  4. Gently find his testicles with one hand and warm them up with plenty of lube. Gently roll his testicles toward his body. Loosen up the whole pelvic area.
  5. Firmly lick his penis all the way from his testicles, up the shaft, to the head of his penis several times until it strongly searches for your mouth.
  6. Take the base of his penis at his body and place it in full erect position, open your mouth, look him in the eye, and take him all the way in. Slowly close your mouth around his shaft and smoothly pull your mouth up over his shaft and head, paying special attention with your tongue as you pass by his ridge.
  7. Take his full length slowly several more times, always paying special attention to his ridge. Keep the pace slow with stillness at points so that you can really feel him.
  8. Closely monitor his testicles. If they have become ripe peaches, you have him right where you want him. At this point you can:
  9. Go for the finish line by continuing firm, smooth stroking.
  10. Try to keep at this heightened arousal for as long as possible – plateauing.
  11. Back off by finding some other enjoyable activity to do for a while to let things cool off a bit for him and then return to peaking.

Core-Play Ideas and Repertoire

  1. Create expectancy by setting up patterns, for instance…
  2. Stroke his penis with your mouth while holding the base of his penis with your hand. Every 4th time follow your mouth with your hand for added stimulation.
  3. Stroke his penis with your mouth several times and then every once in a while, stroke until your tongue firmly presses into his frenulum and just sit there for a minute.
  4. Lick his penis bottom to top, and then every once in a while take him all the way.
  5. During stroking of his penis, swirl your tongue around his head as you switch directions.
  6. Switch to just hands once in a while – hand over hand, “Ode to Brian,” just palms catching at the ridge.
  7. Switch to just testicles once in a while and scoop your hands up and around his shaft to loosen up the groin area.
  8. Use the head of his penis to stimulate your vulva.

The Finish Line

By this point, his penis should be fully engaged; his testicles nice and ripe, his pelvis area loosened up, and he should be very relaxed – putty in your hands:

  1. With clear intention – ramp up stimulation. This could happen from increased speed or pressure. It could also happen through a slow languid connection, or a more passionate release of energy, or a driving rhythm, or you showing how aroused you are getting.
  2. Make sure you have your hand on his perineum and as intensity increases, press into his prostate area. See if you can feel his orgasm coming even before he does by feeling the contractions of his prostate and PC muscles.
  3. As his orgasm starts, one last full stroke to ejaculation and then prepare for his sensitive head. Stay still around his head while gently milking his shaft and pressing into his perineum.

Final Thoughts

After you have felt his last contraction, gently move to a position of laying on him and cover his body to help release the last bit of tension from his body. Let him bask in la-la land and enjoy your man in a state of total relaxation.

Reproduced from https://awaken-love.net/2015/07/13/how-to-love-your-husband-with-oral-sex/