Daily Article 2-1A

Giving a Sensual Massage to Your Wife

Giving a sensual massage can be a wonderful experience for both the giver and the receiver and a wonderful way to learn about your wife’s body. In order to do this right, you need to arrange at least an hour of uninterrupted time. I suggest that once you have the kids taken care of, send your wife for a bath or shower while you get things set up.

Atmosphere – Set out a large towel or blanket that you don’t mind getting oil on. Turn on some soft music and set up some soft lighting, (candles or a night light) to set the mood. Warm some coconut oil in the microwave to use for lubrication and to soften your hands. Have some extra towels handy for covering areas of her body and for clean-up. Finally pour a glass of wine, or other favorite beverage, and bring some chocolates or cheese for refreshment. You should wear some clothes to get started – maybe some boxers and a v-neck t shirt.

The Basics – Your wife’s skin is much more delicate than yours. Make sure your hands are as soft as possible with no sharp nails. Apply the coconut oil to your hands and then to her body. Each new section of her body, you will need more oil. She generally will want less pressure than you like, but the best thing is to ask, “harder?” – ”softer?” Pay attention to her body language and adjust. Be sure to keep your movements smooth, slow and connected. If in doubt, then slow down.  Think of going in figure eights or large ovals so that there are no sudden stops. If one hand comes off her body, the other hand should be on her so that you do not loose connection.

Massage her backside – When she is done with her bath, ask her to lie down on her tummy. You can use the towel to drape over her rear to start out with. This isn’t supposed to be overtly sexual, just sensual, and you don’t want to distract yourself too early! Drizzle some oil on her shoulders and neck. Start massaging at her neck and move outward to her shoulder and all the way down her arm into her hand and each individual finger. Don’t rush…take your time and apply enough pressure to work her muscles. Repeat on the other shoulder, arm, and hand.

Then go back to her shoulders and neck and start working your way down her back.  Make sure you span her entire back, including her sides.  Avoid going straight down her spine, but instead work the muscles at each side. At this point you can remove the towel and drizzle oil on her bottom. Gently knead her buns and trace the lines of her curves.

After placing the towel back over her buns, move to her legs and massage them one at a time just as you did her shoulders and arms. Start with one thigh and work your way down to her calf, ankle, foot, and toes. Be careful if she is ticklish, firm pressure will help…you don’t want to ruin the aura! Repeat with her other leg.

Intermission- Offer her some wine and snacks and tell her you are ready for her to flip over so that you may work on her front. Replace the bath towel over her yummy bits.

Massage her front side – Start off with her face, gently massaging her facial muscles and ears.  With a passing brush of the top of her breasts, work down each arm one at a time, and be sure to work each finger individually. When you move to her breasts don’t just grab; tease her. Trace the curves where her breast meets her chest. Avoid touching her nipples as you move your whole hand over one breast gently, and then move around to the outside edge and around back to the top.  Cup as you rub, with one or two hands depending on what best covers her. Alternate breasts, and occasionally do both breasts at the same time, remember, slow and smooth. Give some special attention to the nipples, but only after you have spent plenty of time on the rest of the breast. They should be begging to be touched. Gentle twisting or pulling of the nipples may be pleasurable, if done gently.

Move down to the legs, grazing her parts lightly as you go. Massage up and down each leg and foot working the muscles. Don’t be in a hurry.

The Grand Finale– “Remember the Tease” – Gradually work your way up to her inner thighs, transitioning to a light, teasing touch. Trace her curves where her groin meets her vulva and around her tummy.  Remove the towel and lightly trace all around her vulva. Alternate light feather touches with smooth, firm strokes.  You will want her legs well parted now – lift and bend at the knee, then rotate the leg outward to give you good access. A pillow under each knee will make her more comfortable. Make sure you have oil on your hands as you gently stroke her outer lips. Lightly brush her clitoris as you move from one side to the other. Gradually work your way in, alternating stroking the inner lips and outer lips, softer strokes and firmer strokes.

If the plan is to end with intercourse, keep massaging her vulva until she asks (or begs) for intercourse. If she just lies there and takes it until she has an orgasm, don’t complain, and just hop on top of her when she is done.

If you are going to finish her by hand, don’t be in a hurry about it. You’ve built up a lot of sexual tension, and the longer you keep her that way the better it will be for her. Many women can take stronger stimulation when they are highly aroused than they normally can – and she should be highly aroused by now. This means you may be able to stimulate her clitoris more directly and more firmly than usual. If you can do this, it will be great for her, but increase stimulation gradually and look for any signs that it’s too much. Manually bringing her to orgasm will probably require good stimulation of the clitoris, but stimulating other parts of the vulva or vagina with the other hand will add to her pleasure.

The Afterglow – Be sure to spend time afterward just holding her as you enjoy your closeness together.