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His and Her Kegels

If you want to experience an orgasm during intercourse, there is no better place to start than for both you and your husband to become more aware of your own bodies, and to have more control over them. So today I will outline for both of you the reasons to do kegels, how to do them, and to how make it a part of your day.

Reasons for HIM to do kegels…

To last longer through the conscious relaxation of your kegel muscles during sex

To prevent ejaculation by squeezing your kegel muscles when you are close to the point of no return.

For stronger erections

For stronger orgasms – and possible multiple orgasms

To prevent urinary leaking

For prostate health

Reasons for HER to do kegels

To keep sex on her mind

To connect her mind to her sex muscles

To increase circulation and engorgement, resulting in increased sensations during intercourse.

For stronger orgasms

To aid in consciously relaxing the muscles to prevent painful intercourse

To prevent urinary incontinence

For pelvic floor health

How to Do Kegels

Find the correct muscles to exercise by shutting off your urine in midstream. These are the muscles that you want to exercise. The goal is not to just strengthen the muscles, but to have good control over them. Therefore you need to focus not just on the contraction of the muscles, but on the full relaxation of the muscles.

REPS – Alternate contracting your kegel muscles for 3 seconds and relaxing for 3 seconds. Do in sets of at least 10.

ELEVATORS – Contract your kegel muscles for 3 seconds, then contract to a tighter level for 3 seconds, repeat until you cannot go tighter, then work your way down. Relax to the lower level and hold for 3 seconds, then relax at the next lower level, until you are all the way back down. Do in sets of at least 5.

FLUTTERS – Contract your kegel muscles as quickly as you can at least 10 times.

Try to do all 3 types of kegels at least 3 times per day.

Times to exercise your kegel muscles:

When talking on the phone

When driving

While in the shower

Before you get out of bed in the morning

While listening to music or watching TV

Kegel exercises were originally developed in order to cure urinary incontinence. During follow up visits to their doctor, women began reporting that they had experienced orgasms during intercourse for the first time. Do not discount how important strong kegel muscles are if you want to experience orgasm during intercourse. Go get’em!


Reproduced from: https://awaken-love.net/2015/02/23/his-and-her-kegels/