Talking About Sex in the Church – RETHINKING SEXUALITY

After 6 years of teaching Awaken-Love to Christian wives and husbands, I am painfully aware of the need to talk about sex in the church. But we cannot limit ourselves to just talking about sex within marriage. God created us as sexual beings from the time we were born. We need to understand what the bible says about all areas of sexuality and even equip ourselves to minister to others.  Dr. Juli Slattery has written an amazing book and curriculum called Rethinking Sexuality that is both grounded in truth and steeped in grace.


Simple yet Profound – Keep Your Love On

I can’t stop thinking about the Keep Your Love On conference that I recently attended. Danny Silk talked about how to stay in relationship – whether with your spouse, your child, your friends or even your coworkers. The concepts we learned were both simple and yet profound and I can’t wait to read the book. Here are a few of Danny Silk’s concepts….


25 Questions You’re Afraid to Ask + Giveaway

Slattery BookI am a big fan of Dr. Juli Slattery because she does not shy away from God’s truth. Melanie and I were given the opportunity to review her new book, 25 Questions You’re Afraid to Ask about Love, Sex and Intimacy.  So here goes, our first official book review!

Juli’s book gracefully answers 25 of the most common questions she is asked as she travels around discipling women to reclaim God’s design for sexuality and intimacy.  Juli is a wife, a mom, a clinical psychologist, an author, host of the Java with Juli podcast and co-founder of the Authentic Intimacy ministry.  She knows her stuff!