Frenulum Orgasm – A New Delight for Him

If you want your husband to experience something completely new, try giving him a frenulum orgasm. It will not only be amazing for him, but it will help him understand what it is like for you to experience a clitoral orgasm.

The frenulum is located on the underside of the penis in the Vee shaped area, where the head of the penis meets the shaft. Just like the frenulum that attaches your lip to your gum, there is a thin band of tissue that acts as a sort of attachment between the foreskin and the penis. Whether your husband is circumcised or not, most of  the sensitive nerves still remain. Many people know that the frenulum is an especially sweet area packed with nerves but until I read an article at Married Christian Sex, I had no idea a man could have an orgasm from stimulation of just the frenulum.


Helping with Struggles

Whatever struggle or frustration we face in our marriage bed impacts both of us.

Just like you would want your husband to be part of the solution when you have trouble reaching orgasm, we need to be part of the solution when our husband wants to last longer, or has a hard time keeping his erection.


New Territory

The Perineum, commonly called the taint is the territory between his testicles and his anus. It may be an area where a husband is very aware of the possibilities of pleasure or has absolutely no clue what he is missing out on. It is our privilege to help him discover just how amazing his body is.



I have to admit, out of all the areas of my husband’s body, the testicles are probably one of the most confusing and mysterious to me. I was really never quite sure what I was supposed to do with them, but lately I feel like I am getting a little more of a handle on it, so I thought I would share what I have discovered.

First, in order for you to have full access and enjoy the experience, your husband should be freshly bathed. It would also be really helpful if he does a little grooming in that area. He could simply use a hair clipper to trim – think ¼ to ½ inches long – or he could carefully trim the hair with scissors.

two-ripe-peachesSong of Songs 7:13 – And the finest fruits are at our door, new delights as well as old.



The more I get to know my husband’s body, the more I find it absolutely AMAZING!

For the next 3 weeks we are going to spend time getting to know our husband’s body.

Song of Songs 5:14  His body is like polished ivory
    decorated with sapphires.

ivory tuskThe penis is probably the most prominent part of our husband’s body and it is most closely associated with what it means to be a man. When it is cooperating it is their pride and joy, but when it is not, it can create anxiety that snow balls into greater anxiety. Men worry over not lasting long enough, or getting or maintaining an erection. Their erect penis is their greatest joy or their greatest defeat.



This is a detailed guide in how to pleasure your husband with oral sex and is part of my curriculum ,How to drive your man crazy. 

It can take time to get comfortable loving your husband with oral sex. Start slow and just get to know him. Spend time touching him, kissing him, watching him and licking him.  Lube him up with coconut oil so that you can combine hand work with your mouth. If you mouth starts feeling tense, use your hand and relax your jaw. If you are uncomfortable taking him deep, combine your hand with the motion of your mouth.  You should always feel in control of what is going on. Ultimately it is just a way to know your husband up close and personal. Try to relax and focus on feeling every fiber of his body.




Next Monday I teach a class titled “How to drive your man crazy” to women that have completed my 6 week Awaken Love class. It is a chance to go deeper and develop ideas in a safe group of women. I taught this class a couple of years ago and focused on physical technique for manual stimulation and oral stimulation. We even got out some large spoons, lubed them up with some coconut oil, and practiced some techniques. I’m sure that we will spend some time in that arena, but lately I’ve been thinking about how much more is involved than physical technique. Here are some of my ideas…