Sex is God’s Domain

Last week I taught my first in-person Awaken Love class in more than 2 years and all I can say is, “God is moving!” We met on my back porch, where I started teaching classes exactly 10 years ago. Twelve women from all walks of life – young and not so young, newly married, divorced and remarried, and celebrating 34 years. All with the purpose of understanding more about God’s Design for sex in their marriage and eager to reclaim Sex as God’s Domain.

Who We Are

As I welcomed the women to class, I took time to remind them of the realities that we live in today. Among us were women that dreaded sex, others that loved it. Some of our husbands struggle with porn and others don’t want much sex. Some of us have struggled with porn, or masturbation, or experienced abuse in our past. A few of us are still learning to experience the pleasure sex can offer. But regardless of where each of us is on our journey, we can be honest, provide support and  learn together. We are all welcome.

When I teach class and realize the hard realities of women’s lives, I can feel overwhelmed and question whether a little 6-week class called Awaken Love can help. And I have to remind myself, and them, that regardless of our struggles, understanding more of what God wants for us in our marriage and our sex life, will help us have the courage to take a step in the right direction. God’s word about sex is truth, regardless of our challenges.

Diving In

As I looked at class that first night, I just sensed that the room was filled with powerful women, ready to dive in. So, when I asked them to introduce themselves and maybe tell us why they were there, it came as no surprise when one by one, they immediately dove in.

I struggle with

    • purity messages that left sex feeling shameful
    • figuring out how to feel intimate during sex
    • lack of desire
    • conflicted feelings that cripple my freedom
    • navigating my husband’s lack of interest


We all have challenges surrounding our sexuality and many of us carry them for a lifetime. But at class last week, these women courageously opened up, already starting to share pieces of their past experiences that still impact their present. Rather than helplessly sitting in their muck, they are choosing to move toward health, wholeness and freedom.


One of the things that I constantly witness in class is the power of speaking things out loud – face to face, in God’s presence. The shameful truth that constantly haunts and make us question our worth and desirability – when spoken out loud in a room of loving Christian women – is, zapped of its power. In a moment, a breath of lightness falls on the women. What they bring into the light is received with grace and understanding from other women. Things shift and you can feel it happen.

Final Thoughts

At class, these 12 women walked in as strangers and left sisters, claiming by faith that things can be different. They have the courage to press into God, even in the area of sexuality, and fight for freedom. God will break the chains, reveal His truth, and transform their lives. And we will pound a stake in the ground, once again claiming, sex is God’s domain. He alone has the answers and we trust in Him.

p.s. – Thank you to all of you that have been praying for me and my husband. Like many of you, I am digging myself out of the impacts of living through a pandemic and a hard health diagnosis. I have been learning valuable truths and tools that will help me be a better person. My days feel brighter and lighter, and I have to say, it felt SO good to be teaching in person again. Blessings, Ruth

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  1. It’s also courageous of you, Ruth, to pick up the torch, again. Thanks for sharing God’s design of sexuality and more important helping women see their worth and identity in Christ. Having the Holy Spirit infuse that identity into my heart created a paradigm shift for me!

    • mm

      Thanks Bonny. And courageous of you to start Strong Wives and minister from your experiences. I would love to connect sometime and hear more about your ministry.

  2. Welcome back to the live teaching Ruth. May God bless you and the work you do for sexual health in Christian marriages.

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