Tell Others the Truth About Sex and Change Lives

Recently I sat in with a group of women taking the Awaken Love video class. Their church had offered Awaken Love as a small group community and 25 women quickly registered. With four classes complete, these women had already done the hard work of talking through lies and baggage, and embracing God’s design for sex. Hungry to learn more, they enthusiastically voiced agreement as I shared insight from my own journey. I loved our time together, but what impacted me most, was their commitment to tell others the truth about sex.

Opportunities to Tell Others

A couple of weeks ago, two of the women had met for ice cream and couldn’t stop talking about class. As they excitedly processed all they were learning, a woman nearby quietly listened. Finally, she interrupted to ask about their conversation. Only recently, she had discovered her husband’s porn struggle and she wasn’t sure if they could rebuild their marriage.

These two women quickly embraced the opportunity to minister to their new friend. They shared all they had learned about God’s design for sex and how it had impacted their own marriages. But they also shared how God provided healing and transformation for them personally. Before they parted ways, they gently asked if they could pray for their new friend. I can only imagine how powerfully they ministered to this hurting woman in that moment. Talking about sex opened up the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

The world is filled with hurting marriages and people are desperately looking for answers. When we embrace God’s design for sex, it not only provides a pathway to tell others the truth about sex, but about the love of Jesus. We cannot create an intimate marriage without God’s transformation in our lives. Conversations about sex should naturally flow into conversations about Jesus.

Crossing Generation

Another woman shared that the Holy Spirit was prompting her to lead a video class with her mom and her mom’s friends. Taking Awaken Love had provided the opportunity to open up conversations with her mother about what she was learning in class. Aware of the generational gap in open conversations and information about sex, this young woman wanted her mom’s generation to experience all the freedom that she had discovered.

Many of the women in class shared their concerns about talking to their kids about sex. Though they hadn’t grown up with parents comfortable talking about sex, they were determined to change things for their kids. Class had helped these women get comfortable with the topic and for the first time they felt empowered. They knew that having normal conversations about sex with their kids could become a reality. The women were filled with enthusiasm and hope for changing future generations.

Help Others by Sharing the Truth

When women start an Awaken Love class, I always explain the greater message, “This class is not just for you, it is for every person that you interact with.”

  • What good does it do to create an amazing sex life with your husband, if years later your kids struggle with the same issues?
  • How can you not want to share God’s truth about sex, when so many marriages around you are breaking apart?
  • Do you realize how many hurting women think that God cannot heal sexual baggage?

Real transformation in the church happens when we move beyond ourselves and tell others God’s truth about sex.

Final Thoughts

It was an amazing night connecting with the women in the Awaken Love class. The memory that continues to bring tears to my eyes was when the leader asked, “How many of you have had conversations about sex with other women, outside of class?” Every single hand in the room raised.

How are you changing the world as you learn God’s truth about sex?

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  1. Great post Ruth! I love “We cannot create an intimate marriage without God’s transformation in our lives. Conversations about sex should naturally flow into conversations about Jesus.” My wife and I have seen God transform our lives. Keep up the good content.

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