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The first night of Awaken Love I asked the wives, “Why are you here?” The women shared things like, “it just feels like things have gotten stale”, “my marriage feels more like we are roommates”, or “after the kids were born, our intimacy has just taken a back seat to everything else”. Most of the women didn’t have any major issues in their marriage. They just needed a relaunch. They wanted more intimacy and fun and they knew they needed to refocus attention on their sex life. Though relaunching your sex life can feel awkward, or even scary, Valentines Day provide the perfect excuse to make some changes.

The Challenges

Just about everything gets in the way of your sex life. Whether raising babies and feeling tired, or waiting for teens to go to bed – kids create challenges. Work and stress can create so much exhaustion that you would rather veg in front of a screen. Busyness of even good things like ministry can distract you and deplete your creativity. No matter what stage of life you are in or what’s keeping you busy, creating an amazing sex life will require you to intentionally make choices that say, “our sex life matters”.

It makes me think about Song of Songs 3:15 that says, “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” If we aren’t supposed to awaken love until marriage, then maybe after we get married, we must choose to constantly awaken love. After all, just like these ladies expressed, an exciting sex life seems to just slowly whither away if not attended.

But what do you do when it feels like your sex life is already dead? How do you bring it back to life?

Sex can be a sensitive topic. Sometimes when a wife tells a husband that she wants to take Awaken Love, his first response is, “I thought we were doing ok”. Discussions about sex can automatically make a spouse feel defensive.

But desired change does not mean we are doing something wrong. It just means we have more to learn. Without change we become stagnant and we miss out on the amazing gift that God gives us.

Instead of trying to change your spouse, try focusing on yourself. Don’t go searching for all the ways that your spouse needs to change, work on yourself. Have the courage to learn something new for yourself and to put it into action. Don’t just read about ideas, but choose to take the first step and change the status quo. You don’t have to wait for your spouse. You can relaunch your sex life, and Valentine’s is the perfect time to do it.

Awaken My Soul

Song of Solomon is packed with wisdom about God’s design for intimacy. Every day from Feb 1 – Feb 14 we will dive into a few verses that will give us truth and action for our marriage. You can even print out the verses to put in a frame, on your bathroom mirror or leave by your nightstand. We want to encourage you each day to take Song of Songs to heart and put it into practice. To view the series, follow us on Facebook, Instagram.  or subscribe to the blog. We can’t wait to get started.

Get ready for the best  G I V E A W A Y  ever. I am offering a 60-minute private zoom call to the lucky winner. You can take advantage of the session for private counseling, a session with your husband, or a fun ladies night where your friends ask Ruth questions.

Let’s make this Awaken My Soul series go VIRAL as we prepare for Valentines Day. 

Help spread the word about this amazing resource to create passion and intimacy in marriages.

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Awaken Love book

One of the easiest ways to work on your sex life is to read a great book. During our Valentine sale, you can pick up a paperback of Awaken Love for just $9.99 (30% off) or read it on Kindle of $2.99(60% off) . This book will stretch your ideas about sex, help you gain freedom, and provide respectful details to take things up a notch. Read it on your own, with a group of friends, or with your husband. Each chapter even has discussion questions, and specific Action Items to encourage growth.

Awaken Love Class

You will find no better way to change the status quo in your sex life, then by taking an Awaken Love class. Over and over I have witnessed the break through and changes when we embrace God’s design for sex. Available to both wives and husbands, the class will give you common ground to begin really talking about sex. Discussion questions allow you the opportunity to discuss sensitive topics with your spouse that will lead to freedom. The application homework will provide you the perfect excuse to change things up and learn new ways to connect. You can sign up on your own, with a friend, or challenge your spouse to take the class at the same time.

Don’t put off what you can enjoy for a life time. Relaunch your sex life today.

Share this information with your friends or church community and watch marriages change. 

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