Moving Forward in the New Year

It always feels challenging to get back to writing after taking a break. Over the Holidays I enjoyed time with my family, lots of great sex with my husband, some amazing dates, and lots of good food. I also worked down in the wood shop building gifts and a built-in cabinet. Though it’s hard to start writing, I know that I need to start somewhere. So how about a simple update of my life?

Past Challenges

Last year did not end on a great note with the discovery that someone had been commenting on the blog as many different personas. Hopefully I’ve learned some things to ensure comments are from real people. But I also know that I need to better guard my time. As the ministry of Awaken-Love grows, I find myself spending enormous amounts of time on tasks that have little eternal impact.  2020 will need to be a year of prioritizing, but I also want to have some fun.

Awaken My Soul

To gear up for Valentines we are doing a series called Awaken My Soul based on the Song of Songs. Every day from Feb 1- Feb 14, we will have a beautiful different printable with specific tasks to Awaken Love in your marriage. To get access just  follow us on Facebook, Instagram or twitter.

Promoting Awaken Love video classes will continue to be the priority. I believe taking a class with other people is one of the most powerful ways to break the silence surrounding sex in the church. This year over 400 women and 40 men committed to the 6-week video classes. That’s more than double the previous year. Crazy!! With personal recommendation the number 1 reason that people sign up, I expect the growth to continue. Since the very beginning, Awaken Love has spread because people like you continue to share the powerful impact of Awaken Love.

When I read my blog, sometimes I long for the simple days of having so much to say that I can’t wait to sit down and write.  My own journey or experiences from class will continue to inspire my writing, but I also have a few important older series that I will update. If you have specific topics that you would like me to address, please email or comment below. I would love to hear your questions or ideas.

Moving On

Last night I just started another Awaken Love class with 15 amazing women. Watching the light bulbs go on still amazes me. Seeing the transformation leaves me speechless. When women come ready to do the work, God moves. Alongside my regular classes, I am praying for opportunities to help churches equip more teachers in new territories.

2020 is going to be a great year. I can’t wait to see what surprises God has for Awaken Love. Welcome back and let’s have some fun.

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