Restore Vulvar Skin with Julva

Navigating the changes of menopause comes with extra challenges if you love to have sex on a regular basis. When already sensitive skin loses its suppleness because of a lack of estrogen, it doesn’t take much for what used to be pleasurable to turn painful in a hurry. One of the products that I became curious about in restoring vulvar health was Julva, a cream created by OB/GYN Dr. Anna Cabeca. After finally tiring Julva myself for 2 months, I am eager to share about my experience.

What’s in Julva

Become my skin is extra sensitive I have to be really careful what I use.  One of the reasons Julva caught my eye is because it contains only natural products like coconut oil, vitamin E, Emu Oil, and Shea Butter, and the active ingredient of DHEA.

I’ve written about DHEA before as an alternative to hormone treatment. It acts as a precursor to both estrogen and testosterone. Studies have shown that using it vaginally can help increase estrogen and testosterone. The DHEA causes your body to create the hormones you need to decrease common symptoms of menopause and to increase sexual enjoyment. Since it is a hormone precursor, please check with your doctor before using. 

My Experience with Julva

The first week I applied the cream, I used a small amount to check for skin irritation or sensitivity. But from the beginning Julva felt great. Just a small amount of the silky-smooth cream rubbed into my inner lips quickly started alleviating some of the dryness.

I’m not sure if I mentioned to my husband that I bought the cream, but by week 3 he was saying things like, “you feel different”. And after 6 weeks he remarked, “You feel like you are young again. Everything is plumper and smoother.”

Sex has felt remarkably different the last couple of months. In the past we limited the vigor and duration of intercourse to avoid painful burning for me. Since starting Julva, we have loved the freedom of full speed ahead. Only one time did I notice a very mild discomfort after intercourse.

Even manual and oral stimulation has felt better. Since I can finally relax and stop worrying about pain, all sexual experiences have improved.

Ordering Julva

I don’t know why I didn’t order Julva before, except I figured it was just someone else trying to make money off of women chasing help with menopause symptoms. Like many online businesses, Dr Anna uses lots of videos, testimonies and special deals to entice you to try her many products. Her free sample is not enough to tell if Julva works but at least you can find out if it irritates your skin. If you hate all the marketing, you can also grab a tube on amazon.

A tube of Julva cost me $69.95 and will probably last me 3 months – a lot cheaper than vaginal Estrogen treatment. But even if you are taking Estrogen, you might want to give Julva a try as way to treat your skin to extra revitalizing care.

I am not being paid to endorse Julva, nor am I an affiliate,  but I did ask Dr Anna Cabeca for a discount for you. Simply visit her website and enter the discount code: LOVE10 at checkout to save $10.

I consider Julva a great vulvar skin product that can help re-ignite intimacy and make your body young again.

Also check out my article on the basics of vulvar skin care.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear about this cream and hoping it will help me too. I’ve tried the dhea suppositories from and it really helped me at first but after awhile my lower abdomen started aching like cramps and I had to stop using it. I’ve been thinking of starting back up with it again because having sex was feeling so much better, but maybe I’ll try this.

  2. This product IMO should be treated like a drug with the same testing expectations.
    Ask your personal GYN if this is safe for you. Hormone precursors or hormone like products probably aren’t a good idea for those with a risk of reproductive cancers or history of those types of cancers.

    This woman is an MD and she has a shop full of quackery…..give me a break. Someone should make a complaint against her medical license for pushing a nontested product without telling people about potential harm. Wondering what state she is licensed in?

    • mm

      Thanks for the comment. I was remiss in not reminding women to check with their doctor first. I have added that to the article.
      I am only recommending her product Julva – not her other products.

  3. The “doctor” can’t ship her product to Canada. Ask her why. Guess Canada cares more about false claims than natural equals safe. So disappointing that this doc wants to make a buck from other women in such a way.

  4. Since my husband is one of the few who are allergic to coconut, my daughter is another, They have trouble breating when they ingest it. I stay away from anything with coconut in it. My family will be glad when this fad has passed. Coconut is not a wonder food.

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