Husbands – Do You Want a Better Sex Life?

Many husbands are under the perception that if their wife just fixed her issues with sex, their problems would disappear. But marriage is a two-way street. Both husbands and wives have things to learn in order to create intimacy. If you want a better sex life,  will you invest just $20 to take Awaken Love Men’s Edition and learn how to love your wife better? Discover just how intimate your marriage can be!!

When wives  in Awaken Love hear what Men’s Edition covers, they can’t wait to have their husband sign up. Women want their husband to learn God’s design for sex, and how it plays out in marriage. They want their husband to realize how many lies they battle about sex and specific actions that will help them believe God’s truth. Women want their husband to learn how to connect more during sex by staying present, using words and tapping into the senses. They even feel excited that a husband will learn the details about how women’s bodies work. Awaken Love women understand the value of Godly, detailed information that can help their husband learn to create mutually satisfying sex.

Wives desire a confident, solid husband that leads in the bedroom.  A husband who pursues connection, even when she may not be interested in sex. He also knows to offer compassion when she struggles with insecurities or fear. His confidence in how well he knows her body, calms her doubts about response. A husband that can easily adjust, adapt or even talk through a struggle about sex. Men’s Edition gives a husband renewed confidence as he loves his very complicated, but amazing wife.

Video Classes

In the past, Men’s Edition classes were limited to a couple of sessions each year taught by Ruth and Jim in the Twin Cities.  Now men all over the world can take Awaken Love Men’s Edition using videos in the comfort of their home or church.

For just $20 men will gain unlimited access to the production quality videos for 120 days. The pdf of the curriculum includes weekly detailed notes and practical “Hands on Learning” assignments.

Though men can view the videos on their own, we encourage them to ask a few friends to join them. Walking side by side, men will learn to open up the conversation of sex in the church, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable.

What are you waiting for? Make the first move and sign up for Men’s Edition and improve your sex life today.


Also, don’t miss my podcast on Delight Your Marriage   It’s all about how to make intercourse more enjoyable and connecting for both you and your wife. 

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