Why Do Women Host an Awaken Love Video Class

Rarely do women sign up to host an Awaken Love video class by finding my website. Without a personal recommendation from a trusted friend, they can’t imagine taking the chance.  Much safer to just stay with the status quo, or work on things quietly by reading blogs or listening to podcasts. But every once in a while, someone from the website has the courage to host a video class.

Recently I received this powerful testimony…

Dear Ruth,

THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart for your valuable video series! 

My husband and I have had what I would call a good sexual relationship (for the 25 years we’ve been married), but after I hit my late forties & started suffering from a lack of libido, I started looking for answers. 

 Your blog post about menopause entitled “sex whenever I want it” was life changing for me. After reading a lot of your other material I asked a very close friend if she would be willing to take your awaken love video series with me. That was last December and as we started it, I felt very much like I was jumping off a cliff! (I’m so glad I did though!)

I was never real comfortable talking about sex with anyone although I did make myself talk to my husband & daughters. The way the video series is set up to be taken with someone else and that it forces you to talk about sex was very beneficial.  You did a good job of making me feel comfortable talking about sex and I now feel much more at ease talking to anyone about sex.

Even though I was never abused in any way, your series showed me all the baggage I was carrying around with my preconceived ideas about sex & the (well- intentioned yet misguided) messages about sex from the church & the purity movement. 

Your practical information about how my body & my husband’s body works was quite valuable as well. Most of it was review, but it was presented in such a sex positive way & so respectful that I fell in love with God’s plan for sex & marriage all over again! 

Thank you again for your faithfulness to God’s guidance & direction in your life, I’m truly praising God for you! Your video series has proved to be one of the most life-changing decisions I have ever been involved in! 

As the Lord leads, please join me in prayer that I could find some more interested ladies to do your video series with. I was so excited, but have found responses to be tepid, at best! I’m thinking there’s a lot more pain out there regarding sex than I ever realized. But surely someone is interested…?!!

In Christ,

Who Hosts Awaken Love Videos

I suppose it feels scary to sign up for a class on such an important topic. With so much bad information available how do you know Awaken Love will actually help the situation. And who the heck is Ruth Buezis? She doesn’t even have a degree behind her name to give her credibility. Without a personal recommendation from a trusted friend, 95% of women would have never taken Awaken Love.

Since Jan 2018 I have been tracking why women take classes and below are the results in order…

    1. Friends               27
    2. Taken a class      26
    3. Website              13
    4. Heard me speak   6
    5. Read my book      6

Most women have had some personal contact with me. I suppose that’s actually a good thing! A really good thing! Women that complete the class host a video class to share what they’ve learned with their friends. Others host a video class after a friend told them how much it impacted their marriage. Women that hear me speak host Awaken Love classes because they know they have a lot more to learn. Recently women have started hosting classes after reading my book. They want to experience the power of community that happens in video classes.

Community in Awaken Love Classes

Just like Dan Allender who leads the way in sexual healing, I believe that real transformation takes place in community. When we share our stories, God does something amazing. Shame disappears, healing happens, fear dissipates, and we find freedom. Satan uses isolation and fear to hold enormous power over us. We break those bonds when we start talking about sex in safe communities.

I know it sounds crazy to invite a group of friends to a sex class when you don’t know anything about it. So start small. Take the class by yourself or just invite one of your closest friends. But do something! How can we complain about the church not talking about sex, when we don’t talk about sex? We have the power to change things, because we are the church.

Final  Thoughts

Since my first Awaken Love class seven years ago with 8 close friends, it has spread by word of mouth. And it will continue to spread by word of mouth. Though the videos classes started off slow, the number of women each year has doubled and I believe that will continue. When a Christian sex class is life-changing, you want to share it with your friends. So take a chance and sign up  to host an Awaken Love class today.

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  1. You write, “When a Christian sex class is life-changing, you want to share it with your friends.” EXACTLY! Hosting the class is the highlight of my year. It’s been an honor/privilege to witness how the Lord changes mindsets, marital relationships & lives! Hosting a class couldn’t be easier because of the video series. Thank you, Ruth & Melanie!

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