Authentic Intimacy – A Great Resource and Podcast

I have always respected Juli Slattery’s ministry Authentic Intimacy. She is a trailblazer in all areas of Christian sexuality – from marriage, to singleness to navigating issues like LGBTQ. In the past I’ve written about her book Rethinking Sexuality, but she offers many valuable resources –  books, webinars, podcasts and conferences. This year I had the honor of sharing  about my story and Awaken Love on her Java with Juli podcast. 

Juli and I have amazingly similar stories. Both of us experienced a spiritual awakening that woke us up to the importance of sex in marriage.  We both started ministries addressing sexuality by creating studies to help wives embrace their sexuality. Neither one of us ever expected to teach on sex and definitely did not go looking for it. But God called us into it. Though we face challenges we know that God is doing a work.

I highly recommend you check out Authentic Intimacy and the resources they offer. While you are at it, take a listen to my podcast with Juli, When God ‘Wakes Up’ Your Love Life.”And if you find it helpful, share it with a friend.






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