Fun Ideas to Make Your Summer Sizzle

I can’t wait for summer! Long days of lazy sun. Fishing off the dock. Hot steamy nights with my husband. And reading a great book on sex at the beach. If you haven’t read Awaken Love or have a friend that wants to learn about the best sex, grab a copy and get ready for summer.

And enjoy the fun ideas to take advantage of summer and create some memories.

Fun Ideas to Connect

I love the long days of summer to get outside and enjoy God’s creation. To get out from behind my computer, phone or the tv and just enjoy nature. To move beyond the sterile smells of my house to smell the lilies awakens my soul.

Since before we had kids, Jim and I have loved to taking long walks while holding hands. We stroll down to the park or through the neighborhood and talk through our day. Sometimes we hop on our bikes and ride around the lake. Moving my body with the wind in my hair reminds me that I am alive.

Warm summer nights are a great time to enjoy a bonfire under the stars. Get into something comfortable and cozy up as you listen to the crackling of the fire. Stay up late and talk into the night.

Go watch fireworks laying on a blanket at the park. Snuggle up as you watch the lights streak across the night sky.

Find an outdoor concert in the park and pack a picnic filled with delights that will tantalize.

Take a drive and watch the sunset. Borrow a convertible and put the top down. Go by the local drive in and treat yourself to ice cream. Find a remote place to park and enjoy the view. Make out like you did before marriage.

Go to bed early and have sex while the sun is still up. Enjoy the natural lighting on your spouse’s body.

The possibilities to connect feel endless as we enjoy the long days of summer.

Fun Locations

Summer is a great time to have sex in new fun locations. Things just feel lighter and more relaxed. Go a little crazy and look for opportunities to create some amazing memories.

When you stay at the cabin, with your kids on the other side of paper-thin walls, create sexual tension. Rather than avoiding each other, lean into connection like you did when you dated. See how much you can get away with.

Set up your tent in the backyard or a secluded campsite. Watch your shadows on the side of the tent. Pull off the rain fly and watch the stars and moon. Enjoy the freedom of removing the limits of a bed.

Explore a different room in the house. Experience sex on a couch or arm chair. Blow up a mattress on the porch. Cool off in the basement laundry room.

When you visit your in-laws, see how quiet you can be as you creatively enjoy each other.

Mark off something on your bucket list. Sex on your boat in the middle of the lake, late at night. Sex in the back yard of your secluded cabin. Enjoying a car parked on a secluded road. Sex on a blanket under the stars. Be discreet, private, respectful and responsible, but figure out a way to make some memories by finding some new locations.

Fun Skin to Skin

Summer is a great time to create skin to skin connection. Get naked and simply create connection through touch. Take advantage of the warm temperatures and look for opportunities to feel the electric connection of skin to skin.

Turn off the air conditioner and sleep naked. Pull back the covers and enjoy the lighting of a light sheet creating shadows. Enjoy the view of your spouse sleeping naked and unashamed. Open the windows, feel the breeze and enjoy the sounds of the night.

Go swimming together and help each other prepare. Pick out their suit or help them tie their suit while you check them out. In the warm sun, sensuously apply suntan lotion to their entire body, making sure to apply under the edges of their suit for full coverage. Go swimming together and embrace while the water holds the two of you up. Find a secluded spot and enjoy a little skinny dipping in the moonlight.

Enjoy the freedom to dress different. Go bra-less and catch his eye. Go commando and let her eyes wonder what’s going on. Wear a cute sundress on your dinner date and notice his eyes on you. Mow the lawn without a shirt and let her see your strength.

I love summer. Warm days when temperatures rise and covers disappear. A slower pace when families gather and reminisce. Long days when opportunities abound for a new adventure. Take advantage of summer to create some amazing memories, and pick up a copy of Awaken Love.

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  1. Love, love all these ideas! Such a great positive mindset. Here are some others that your post inspired me to think about:

    1. If you are able to find a cabin or a place secluded…make some noise. Let loose on the sexual energy!

    2. If you’re at an inlaws or relatives and it’s an appropriate situation, and they are sex-positive too, just be open about the fact you’re going to be enjoying fruits of your marriage. don’t hide it!

    3. Use the freedom and spirit of the summer to go at the sex a bit more intensely. Get in shape!

    Those are some thoughts!

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