Men’s Edition – A Great Resource to Improve Your Sex Life

Finally, a great place for husbands to get good information about sex.

Men’s Edition, an amazing resource to help Christian husbands create the intimate sex life they desire.

6 videos packed with insight that Ruth has gained from teaching hundreds of wives about sex. Ruth and her husband Jim will help you understand God’s design for sex, the challenges your wife faces in embracing freedom, the complexities of her body, and how to create more intimacy during sex. Though the videos can be viewed by yourself, we encourage you to find a group of guys to join you on this journey. One of the best ways to improve your sex life is to learn to talk about it.

Less than an hour long each, the videos provide discussion questions to help you process what you learn. If we want to take sex back from the world, then we must start talking about it. Taking the class with other husbands will also provide encouragement and accountability as you challenge each other to move beyond the status quo and try something new.

Men’s Edition is a great follow up after your wife has completed Awaken Love, but you don’t have to wait. The classes can be taken parallel, with men and women meeting in different rooms. Or wives and husbands could alternate weeks, with the wives meeting first. The parallel curriculum will create a common language and encourage communication as husband and wife process what they learn.

Even if your wife has never taken Awaken Love or never will, Men’s Edition will help you understand God’s design, your wife’s challenges, and provide respectful information about sex. Men’s Edition will challenge you to work on yourself, create more intimacy during sex and love your wife right where she is. Though you cannot change your wife, you can work on yourself.

The Topics for the 6 Videos Include:

  • Defining Intimacy
  • God’s Design for Sex and How it Plays out in Marriage
  • The Lies Your Wife Battles and How to Help Her Believe the Truth,
  • Dealing with Your Lies and Baggage
  • Discerning What is Right for Your Marriage
  • Using your Words to Communicate, Connect and Create Excitement
  • Learning to Be Present and Create Connection During Sex
  • How Women’s Bodies Work
  • How Your Body Works
  • Understanding Sex Drives
  • Wooing Your Wife
  • How Intimacy in Marriage Models Intimacy with Christ

For just $20, each participant receives unlimited access to the 6 professionally produced videos for 120 days. A pdf of the curriculum provides detailed notes and discussion questions. Several “Hands on Learning” assignments each week reinforce what you learn in the videos. A Resource page suggests books and websites for further growth. A Leaders Guide provides guidance for those interested in leading a group.

I have had the amazing privilege to teach hundreds of Christian wives about sex and to help them embrace freedom in their marriage bed. When I share with them about Men’s Edition many exclaim,” I would love for my husband to attend”.

Check it out for yourself. If you find it helpful, dare to lead a group. Men are starved for good, God honoring, detailed information about sex and how to love their wife.

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  1. Thank you Ruth and Jim for creating this resource. I have already watched the first video and liked it a great deal. The curriculum that goes with it is helpful. I like the appropriate mix of conceptual understanding and practical application.
    Your courageous work in this important area of our lives is a gift to us from the Lord.

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