5 Ideas to Add Variety to Oral Sex for Your Husband

Women tend to think about stimulation for their husband in terms of in and out movement. A hand or mouth that encompasses the shaft, sliding up and down from the base of the penis, across the ridge to the head, and then back again. It is the typical motion that most men use to create pleasure themselves. Though highly pleasurable and efficient, I want to share some ideas to mix things up a bit, extend pleasure, and add variety to oral sex for your husband.

First a couple of details.

If your husband does not groom himself by shaving or trimming his hair, you might find suggest he start. Gagging on a long hair caught on the back of your throat is not exactly sexy. A fresh shower and attention to detail can set you loose to enjoy him more.

Second, if your husband is used to going directly from point A to point B, you might need to prepare him. Let him know that you want to experiment and try some new things. His only job is to relax, give you feedback and enjoy the ride. Assure him that you will not leave him hanging and that he can trust you. Exude care, confidence and enthusiasm for your exploration. Now onto our moves…


After you warm him up, while encompassing him with your mouth, take your tongue and swirl it around the ridge of his penis a few times without moving in and out. He will feel the variation of texture from rougher surface of the top of your tongue, to the silky-smooth underside. Then begin long slow strokes again with your mouth but just as you begin the turn to stroke back down his penis, pause just enough to swirl around the entire ridge. Don’t be in a hurry, just set up a nice easy rhythm. Down stroke. Up stroke. Swirl. Down stroke. Upstroke, Swirl. Down stroke… Once in a while add variety by changing things up for a while, but then come back to the swirl with a little more intensity. You can finish this way or move to something different to finish.

Skipping a beat

During typical oral sex, usually you establish a steady rhythm of stimulation, often tied to the in and out of movement. Once you have him well warmed up, and you get him to this place where you want him to just sit there for a while and let it come to him, trying switching things a bit. Keep exactly the same rhythm but  instead of in out in out in , try,  in out in pause pause, out in pause pause, out in pause pause. During the pause, he should encompass him with your mouth. Hold him firmly and see if you can feel him ache for you. You can finish him this way, or when you move back to every beat, he probably won’t last long.

Testicles and hand stroke

Testicles tend to be pretty finicky, kind of like our breasts. Your husband will need to be thoroughly warmed up, and even then, not all men may like to have their testicles played with. But if he does, try gently taking them into your mouth one at a time while just holding the base of his penis. If he gets really turned on, he make ask you to stroke his penis with your hand while gently caressing his testicles with your mouth.

Banging around

Some men like to have their penis gently banged around when they are highly aroused. While holding their shaft,  you could move it back and forth to gently whack your mouth or tongue. You could stick your tongue out and bang it against his head. It’s like adding some sparkles to a cake after the frosting has been smoothly massaged to cover the cake. It makes you enjoy the creamy frosting all that much more. A nice variety from the in and out, banging him around for a bit will entice him to enjoy your coreplay moves even more.

Ring hold combo

A mouth provides this lovely warm, smooth chamber of goodness for a man’s penis, but sometimes a man needs things stepped up a notch. A great finishing move is to uses the focused pressure of a ring hold surging up and down his shaft. Warm him up with your mouth, by establishing  a good rhythm with your mouth. Play around and have some fun. When you get close, hold the base of his penis with just your index finger and thumb making a ring around his penis. Don’t move your hand yet, create anticipation. At the right time, slowly follow your mouth with your hand pulling a wave of goodness up. Release pressure to take your hand back to the base and start another cycle. Hold your mouth around the head of his penis and ripple your ring hold up.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy these five ideas to spur on your imagination as you add variety to oral sex. Pausing to swirl, skipping a beat, suckling his testicles, banging him around a bit and creating a surge with a ring hold. Anyone else have ideas to share. Keep it respectful and don’t personalize it. For example…. “Some men like…”  or just talk about the movement without telling us about your husband.

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  1. On the subject of The Swirl, some men like a firm tongue with pressure in a straight line up the shaft and moving into a softer ‘swirl’. These two moves go smoothly together.

  2. Good article above. Variety does make a noticeable and pleasing difference for many husbands, I think. Also, when a wife varies what she does, it gives her some rest so that she does not become fatigued (from constantly performing the same movements). Do mix it up and vary what you do during your loving oral sex, wives. For the husband, if the stimulation is always the same, the experience may lose some of its intensity and excitement. Variety of sensations enhances or enriches the experience for the husband. Any form of stimulation can be varied as well. An example is stroking can be slow, gentle and sensual, lingering at times, and then can be changed up to a more rapid and firmer stroking. The same hols true for licking, sucking, etc.

    Try talking a little with your husband while you give him oral sex. This conveys to him that you are really into (fully engaged) giving him this pleasure and that helps to deepen the connection for both spouses.

    Many men do enjoy some loving attention (caresses, licks) of their testicles. But, these can be quite sensitive at times. Wives may want to ask their husband if he desires some testicle play. Gently cupping or cradling these from below (with your hand) usually is comfortable for a man, and can be done as part of the wife’s finishing moves. Heidi’s comment above about the swirl is spot on.

  3. Kisses say so much with out saying a word.
    Slow “wet” kisses or quick ‘wet’ pecks up and down his penis and covering his testicles .
    A good way to take a little mouth break and stay in the moment.


  4. My hubby loves red, deep dark reds, his truck is red, the barn is red and also my fingernails. I’m not always wanting to wear his color red, but I tolerate it for him. So one day he asked me to wear red lipstick. I really did not want to wear it, I thought it looked trashy. Anyway one day I had to go to a drugstore and while waiting for my scripts, I bought the brightest, trashiest red lipstick I could find. So off to the cashier I go. It was slow that day and the cashier noted that I had a red truck, red nails and now was buying lipstick of the same color. I told her that my hubby loved red, and I was buying this because he wanted me to put on red lipstick, but I really didn’t like it, but I wanted to give him “wow” factor. Then, she said something I was not expecting. She said, “Sugar, if you want to provide him with “wow” factor, then listen to me and you go home straight on from here, put it on good and thick, then you give him the best blowjob you can muster, make his you-know-what nice and red, and when you are all done then you leave a nice big fat red lipstick ring on his you-know-what, and Sugar, that will give you ”wow” factor, and your man will never forget this night ever, take it from me!” I was shocked that a complete stranger was giving me advice about my marriage, but all the way home I heard that voice in my head repeating itself about giving my hubby “wow” factor. I took it to heart, and I must say that my hubby was blown away by my red lips on his manhood leaving it all red and then leaving a big fat lipstick ring as I told him I loved him. I wanted to go back to the drug store and hug that lady, she was the one who put the spark back in our relationship. So now I wear red lipstick often and my hubby loves it, and I love the response I got from him.

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