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Do you want to help engaged couples start on the right foot when it comes to sex?

Are you getting married soon and wonder about sex in marriage?

Do you have a hard time addressing sex in pre-marital counseling?

Talking about sex can feel scary and awkward, but couples learning to communicate about sex can help prevent patterns that take years to reverse.

Check out our new video class designed just for Engaged Couples.

Through discussion questions, my husband Jim and I will help couples open up the conversation of sex. By sharing about their past, they will realize their lens about sex has been distorted. Cultural messages, silence, and past experiences impact expectations or how they feel about each other. As we recognize the lies we have believed, then we can embrace God’s truth. Rather than hang onto the past, couples can move forward in healing and truth.

God’s Design

Couples need to understand that God designed sex to join two very different people together. When we embrace His design, we can celebrate our differences and stretch to meet each other’s needs. God created sex for both husband and wife but it does not come naturally or easily. Creating a sex life that gets better year after year will take intentionality, communication, trust and the courage to learn new things. When all else fails we must trust God to help us grow.


Many couples wonder what does God allow in our sex life. God gives us a tremendous amount of freedom in our marriage bed. Rather than hard and fast rules, He wants us to discern what is right for us and for our marriage. Ultimately, are you creating intimacy in your marriage through sex.


With many people impacted by pornography, we understand the importance of taking on the topic head on. Some general education about pornography will equip couples to dive deeper into discussions one on one. Marriage won’t fix a struggle with pornography, but creating real intimacy by being truly known can become the first step towards freedom.

Practical Tips

Though every man and woman are uniquely created, we want to share some basic tips to help couples understand each other. From how their body works, to how long it takes, to what feels vulnerable. Our short succinct tips will provide important insight.


The most important thing we want couples to learn is how to communicate about sex. Whether they take the class as a couple, with a mentor couple, or with a group of engaged couples, mixer questions will promote respectful conversations. Further resources and follow-up questions provide more in-depth discussions about past experiences and expectations. Learning to talk about sex, will open up communication across the board as couples dive into God’s design to be fully known.

The Details

For just $10 you will gain unlimited access to a 45-minute video, notes of the curriculum, follow-up resources and a group leader guide for 30 days. if you know of someone getting married soon, help them start with the strong foundation and learn God’s design for sex. For more information check out the Engaged Couples Class.

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