Many Options for Taking an Awaken-Love Video Class

When I first created the Awaken Love videos, I based everything off of my experiences teaching live classes. I realized the importance of community so that women could encourage and support each other as they shared their struggles and growth. I tried to recreate classes, with pauses for mixer questions, reading Song of Songs as a group, and discussion questions. Rather than just tell you the answers, I wanted women to discover their own answers. Though I still believe taking the video class in a group provides a powerful dynamic for transformation, I now realize that God can work regardless of the circumstances. If God has softened your heart and you are ready to seek His truth, He can use the Awaken-Love video class in many different ways as an impetus for change.

Skype Class

Some groups take the video class using Skype. Each week they watch the video on their own time schedule. Afterwards, at an established time, they meet over Skype to talk through discussion questions and share. Some even set up a private Facebook group to connect through out the week.

Sometimes Skype group are friends living in different locations, or that can’t get away from home to meet. Other times a Skype group with complete strangers can provide more freedom to share, process and go after healing.

If you want to take the class over Skype with someone you don’t know, email me.   I can ask on the website if another wife would like to join you. After exchanging emails, the two of you can email and see if it is a good fit and take it from there.

Facebook Class

This summer, a group of over 20 women from a closed Facebook group decided to take the video classes.  At exactly 1 pm, they all got online and started their own video. While their kids napped they could use Facebook messaging to discuss the questions or process their thoughts together.

As an older person that grew up in the dark ages, the idea of comments and discussion scrolling by during the video, sounds crazy. But for these young moms with napping kids, the Facebook closed group provided a great way to take the class in community with other young moms. These women experienced profound break-through in their marriage and took their friendships to a new level.

Using technology can be a great option for an Awaken-Love class, but it comes with its cautions. Groups need to guard against husband bashing, and sharing too many descriptive details. Participants must focus on working on themselves throughout the process.

Couples Class

Some women take the class with their husband. Together they watch the videos in the comfort of their homes, and discuss the questions. Though missing the element of connecting with other women’s stories, taking the class with your husband can open up conversations in your marriage. For couples already in great shape, the class would probably be a lot of fun. For couples really struggling in the area of communication, sex, or intimacy, taking the class might pull off some old scabs, and require real maturity to push through towards healing.

If both husband and wife want to take the video class, then awesome. If one of you feels coerced to take the class, then a hard heart doesn’t hear much. Couples must prayerfully discern whether taking the video class together would be helpful.

Individual Class

Women sometimes take the video class all by themselves. For whatever reason they can’t or aren’t ready to talk about sex in a group. Though it must be a different experience then sitting in a room with women that empathize, sometimes we need to wrestle on our own.

I pray that as women take the class on their own, they meet with God. That He comforts them, whispers truth, affirms who they are, and places a balm on any wounds.

Final Thoughts

Though live classes continually point to the power of community as women seek healing in the area of sexuality, I am not going to limit what God can do. If you want to use the videos using Skype, social media, as a couple, by yourself, or some other way that I have not even thought of, please go for it. If I am able to help iron out any details or give you insight into possibilities, please email me. It is time to start talking about sex in the church. What does that look like for you?

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