How to Make Oral Sex Luxurious for Your Wife

Oral Sex can be one of the most luxurious ways for a husband to love his wife. Far from the challenges of calloused hands, his mouth can tune into her body in some of the most intimate ways. Though I’ve written some other articles on how to love your wife with oral sex, I want to focus on ways a husband can really treat his wife. Ways to warm her up and tease her until her body gently tumbles over in pleasure.

A Little Warm Up

Diving into her juicy bits before she is ready can feel abrupt, and almost shocking. It is like climbing straight into a hot tub without letting your body acclimate. At first it almost hurts, even though eventually it will feel amazing.

Spend time warming her up by spreading coconut oil around her inner thighs, her mound and outer lips. With slow languid strokes, get the blood flowing. Adore her body, and help her relax to your presence and your touch before  using your mouth on her.

Tease Her

When you begin to use your mouth, don’t just dive into stroking her clitoris. You wouldn’t want her to just dive into focusing full bore on the head of your penis.

Gently tease her by blowing hot air on the insides of her thighs. Swipe the soft tip of your tongue in her sensitive cusps where her outer lips meet her inner thighs. Gently brush her outer lips. Try using feather touches around her inner lips. Linger, play a little bit and take your time. See if you can sense her yearning for more.


Before directly stimulating clitoris, tease it with some really soft gentle swipes across it with your tongue. You could swipe left to right with a short pause, and slowly repeat several times left to right. You could swipe bottom to top and as you pass over the clitoris, lighten the pressure so that it just barely grazes.  You could slowly circle around it and once in a while go off course. You could make a rectangle around her entire vulva and as you cross her clitoris, lighten the pressure so that you just barely graze it. Help her clitoris to wake up and want to be touched. Enjoy the quivers as her body comes to life.

Think Luxurious

When she’s finally ready, soften your wide flat tongue and encompass her with slow languid stroke. Rather focusing on getting her to progress, simply take her in and enjoy her body to the fullest. Think about feeling her instead of just rubbing her.

Gradually work toward establishing a consistent base rhythm so her body can get in sync and begin to anticipate excitement. Decide on a theme move that you will return to repeatedly as you keep the tempo steady.

Add some sparkles of interest to heighten her awareness and keep her body interested. Surprise her with light touches, taps, or brushes. But return to your luxurious theme again and again until you are ready to let her go.

The Finish

When she is close, stay steady as a rock. Let it come to her and with a gentle confidence, escort her over the edge. Hold her securely as her body lets go. She might want you to stay completely still, or to gently urge her toward completion as her body releases. Even if you have to move away from her clitoris, hold and stay connected to her.


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  1. Very nice. It really should feel luxurious. Two minor points I would add: (a) you don’t have to go down and stay down till it’s all over – pleasure the woman’s whole body. I know sometimes when receiving oral, however nice it is, I can drift off; (b) when the climax starts happening, *then* you have to stay down till it’s over – give control to the woman so she can decide when you should stop.

  2. mm

    If her mind is not open to oral sex, or she just doesn’t think she will orgasm that way, then her body won’t engorge with blood, making it less enjoyable. You might try warming her up with the vibrator and then move to oral, if she is open to that. Keep communicating to her how much you love it and that it turns you on. Ask her what feels good. Maybe you could get a smaller bullet that you combine with oral sex. You could also try more direct stimulation on her clitoris by pushing her mound up. Just keep exploring and have fun.

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