Setting the Mood with Foreign Music

Music can be a great way to set the mood for sex. From the crazy, I don’t give a ______ attitude of rock and roll, to the smooth tunes of Jazz. Music can transport us to other places and different attitudes in a second. It provides a beat and a pace that we can move our bodies to. Music can help us relax. and breath deeply or it can encourage us to get a little wild and let loose. But until I discovered foreign music, I sometimes felt distracted by  the words in the songs.

When I used to listen to music with words during sex, I would sometimes catch myself feeling distracted. All of a sudden I am laying there singing along until I think, “what the heck am I doing?” So I limited myself to Jazz or classical, and I just felt like I was missing out. That was until I discovered how amazing foreign music is.

While staying in Mexico, my husband turned on the tv station to some kind of MTV channel in Spanish. We needed to create a little white noise in the hotel room. What we discovered was pretty awesome. With the lyrics sung in Spanish, I could not understand a word they said, but I certainly could imagine it. While understanding the words might have distracted me, or even felt uncomfortable with some of the modern lyrics, I just soaked up the mood it created. The music communicated sensuality and  created a mysterious foreign ambiance, free of distraction and packed with ambiance.

The romantic beautiful languages of Spanish and Italian offer no shortage of inspiration to help you connect to your sensuality. They create a playful way to change things up, transport yourself to a different land and even be someone new. Who knows, maybe I will check out belly dancing music next.

What kind of music do you use to set the mood?

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  1. Luv it!!
    My wife is the same, she gets distracted with the words of most music! We love Latino music since we grew up in that language and culture and there is something very romantic about it. But we also speak a couple other languages so that limits our choices somewhat when it comes to her not getting distracted.
    But for some reason Enya just really does it for us. The smell of coconut oil, the taste of Italian wine and Enya music….works every time!😍

  2. Listening to international music while connecting with my husband is exhilarating! My two favorites are Salt of the Sound and Enya.

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