How Valuable is Great Sex to You?

Recently a woman that facilitated the video class remarked that I really ought to consider raising the price of the class. She was a professional online class developer and felt shocked at how good the class was for the cost. The resources provided, the teaching and the transformation that she witnessed seemed worth a lot more then $20. She thought that if I charged more, people would sign up because they would realize just how valuable and powerful the class is.


Maybe she’s right and I am a fool, but I don’t want to raise the price. I keep the price low because I consider Awaken-Love a ministry. When I started teaching classes, I didn’t do it to make money. I teach classes because God has called me to help others. The other teachers donate their time and so do facilitators. Honestly, I don’t want women to think we are trying to convince them to take the class, just so that we can make a few bucks.

You may have noticed that I don’t have affiliate links, pop-ups or advertisements on my blog. Though I am not an official non-profit, my heart is to do ministry. My husband has blessed me by making it possible for me to spend my time helping others. My church has blessed Awaken-Love by funding production of the women’s video class, the engaged class, and this December the Men’s Edition. God has provided and I trust that He will continue to provide.

How Valuable is a $20 Investment in Your Sex Life?

  1. Access to 6 professionally produced videos that you can watch as many times as you want over the 120 days. You can watch them during class, review later, or show your husband as many times as you want. The Biblically based videos cultivate conversation, challenge old ideas and spur on growth. Weekly discussions include a section of Song of Songs and mixer questions to help get participants talking.
  2. By email you will receive daily articles coordinated with class topics. The Christian articles keep sex on your mind, will spur on your creativity and push your boundaries. I want to show the world of possibilities that God gives us.
  3. Wives receive 4 secret husband’s homework assignments by email that they can forward on to their husbands. The husbands homework helps men to feel involved and learn things to help their wife on this journey.
  4. All class participants receive access to a pdf file of the detailed curriculum for printing. The curriculum includes notes from each week, reading assignments, hands on application homework and questions to ponder. Also included are a list of suggested resources for continued growth and reading.
  5. Class facilitators receive access to additional guides to help them lead a class. We provide examples of invitations, and marketing material to help get the ball rolling. We equip you with a short training video, a general guide that explains everything you need to know , and week by week detail sheets.
  6. Access to me by email to answer any questions or fix technical glitches.

Not a bad package for just $20 a person.

In fact if you compare it to other online classes it is an absolute steal.

Recently I received this email from a video class facilitator...

Wow…we had an awesome time of sharing, tears and prayer last night. Such a privilege and an honor to help each other in this area. You and Melanie deal with these issues so respectfully and gently and i love how you always bring it back to God and who he is and who we are in him. 

Over and over I hear back from women that courageously host an Awaken-Love video class about how valuable the class was, for their own marriage but also for their friends that they shared the experience. Though the Awaken-Love Class was developed for groups of women because healing takes place in community, if you want to sign up on your own, or with your husband, go ahead. Maybe the next time, you will bring a friend along for the ride.

How valuable was the Awaken-Love class for you and what would you say to someone thinking about taking it?

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  1. It was great co-facilitating your Awaken classes these past weeks. The ladies were blessed and several seemed moved by the information presented. I learned a great deal and my husband enjoyed my passing on the emails to him. We are now “double informed” and have grown even more closer to each other after close to 50 years of marriage. I hope to facilitate again. Thanks so much for this blessed opportunity.

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