Going After Sexual Healing

In Juli Slattery’s book Rethinking Sexuality, she talks about how seriously we pursue answers and healing when we face physical ailments. We see doctors for diagnosis, follow up treatments, and surgery. No matter what the cost, we keep looking for answers.  When medicine fails, we pursue spiritual healing. We pray, examine our lives, fast and ask elders to lay hands on us.  Then she asks, why don’t we pursue sexual healing with the same tenacity?

In Awaken Love classes I have encountered women who have gone years enduring painful intercourse or experiencing a complete lack of pleasure. Other wives carry baggage from past experiences that leave them feeling broken or unable to embrace freedom. Young wives impacted by purity messages still feel like sex is dirty. Women ignore the pain of sexual abuse or betrayal for years. And some of us just settle for fulfilling our husband’s needs. We avoid going after sexual healing and wholeness like the plague.

After taking the summer off to focus on the book launch, I am getting back into teaching classes and it feels great. I’ve missed watching the ah ha moments as women hear God’s truth. Every time we have baggage week I am astounded by the unconditional love and support that women extend to each other. I love creating a safe place for women to learn how to communicate about sex or how their bodies work. I consider it an absolute privilege to watch God work as He provides truth and healing.

Other churches and women step forward to offer Awaken-Love because they have heard about the difference it makes. One woman who heard about the class from a friend decided to invite her friends to the video class. Seven of them met over the summer and they experienced profound transformation.

Awaken Love Classes

In Awaken Love classes we are not afraid to discuss relevant topics. We talk about the way cultural messages, or even purity messages impacted how we feel about sex. We spend time talking about baggage and even encourage sharing at least part of our story. But we also talk about masturbation, fantasies, and using words to create excitement during sex. Female ejaculation, prostate massage and oral sex are just a few of the physical topics that we respectfully address. In this day and age, it just seems crazy not to have the courage to offer information from a Christian perspective. In class we hang onto God’s truth, offer a listening ear of compassion, and help women realize the freedom that God offer’s in the marriage bed.

God doesn’t want to just bandage up your sexuality so that you can meet your husband’s needs. He wants to bring you healing and set you free to enjoy his amazing gift. God created sex to strengthen your marriage, but also to restore you. When you have a bad day, He wants you to find amazing refreshment in your husband’s arms. After changing the 500th diaper for the week, He wants you to escape and find excitement in your marriage bed. When you feel discouraged by a never ending stream of bad news in the world, He wants you to remember His goodness in each other’s arms. God wants to set you free to dance with your husband.

Don’t wait another day to do something…. Talk to a friend, see a counselor, sign up for the Awaken Love video class with a friend, see a doctor, or order my new book Awaken Love. God cares about your sexuality as much as your physical health. Will you trust Him?

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