Add a Little Excitement by Changing Your Starting Point

Most of us wait until we are lying in bed to initiate sex. Talking, cuddling and kissing under the covers can just easily roll over into love making. Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it can feel awkward, forced or maybe even dull. If you are looking for a easy way to freshen things up, think about simply changing your starting point. Instead of waiting until you are laying down, initiate sex when you are standing.

The Plan

With confidence catch your spouse while they are standing and give them a kiss and embrace that communicates your intentions. Remember how you kissed before you were married and you couldn’t keep your hand off of each other? That’s what you are going for. If they tend to be less spontaneous, then catch them as they are headed to bed after brushing their teeth.

As you hold them, let them feel your body through your clothes. Embrace them and slowly caress them while trying to feel every fiber of their being. Let your hands wander and slowly start undressing them. Enjoy them visually as you are granted access.

Take it to the next step and treat each other to foreplay while standing. Go free form and let their knees go weak or back them up against a wall for support. Using hands or mouth ramp up stimulation. To finish you can transition to a more relaxed position or you can go for the gold. Regardless of where you end up, the entire encounter will feel different because you started in a different position.

Final Thoughts

The other day I remarked to Jim that I missed the excitement and passion we enjoyed while learning so many new things. Though I love that we easily talk about sex, know each other’s bodies so well and t feel comfortable with each other, once in a while I like to change things up. Jim took on the challenge and next week it is my turn.

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