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Awaken Love: The Truth About Sex that will Transform Your Marriage

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God has changed me in so many ways. Sometimes I worry that I will forget how far I’ve come – from a wife afraid to fail and content to fill her life with activities and busyness, to a confident, sensual, beautiful woman constantly seeking more intimacy with her husband and with God. I want to remember; to dig deep and stand in awe of what God has done in my life, and in the lives of the women in class. Today my new book Awaken Love: The Truth About Sex that will Transform Your Marriage releases on Amazon. I pray that through it you will not only have a better understanding of God’s design for sex, but that you will encounter Jesus’s redeeming love.

It feels both exciting and terrifying as I release a part of myself into the world. In Awaken Love I share my story about discovering the importance of sex, but I also reveal the battles I have faced along the way. Intimate sex does not come easily or naturally. In a world filled with lies and brokenness I had to uncover God’s truth and healing to claim freedom. I had to open myself up to new experiences, learn about my body, and start talking about sex with my husband. Deep intimacy comes with vulnerability. I could not have done it without depending on Jesus.

What Awaken Love Is

I wrote Awaken Love to help wives discover the sex life God wants for them. Though God created men and women very different, God wants wives to enjoy and cherish sex as much as their husbands. In fact, wives have important things to bring to the table, or should I say the marriage bed. Wives will stretch their husband to move beyond the mechanics of sex toward intimate connection. Though Awaken Love is written to women, the book is packed with stories and information that will help a husband understand God’s design for sex, the battles his wife faces, and how her body works. Awaken Love offers an honest look into how to create real intimacy in marriage, so you can find freedom in the marriage bed.

Filled with relatable stories and practical examples, the book will challenge you to move beyond head knowledge to heart knowledge. Discussion questions throughout the chapters will encourage you to bring sex out of the silence and start talking with your husband, friends or even your kids. Action Items at the end of each chapter will help you take steps of growth. The book is not theoretical it is real life.

Awaken Love offers everything women need to create the sex life they want; from understanding God’s design for sex, to unraveling the lies, baggage and brokenness that impact their freedom. With practical examples the book will equip you to both communicate and create excitement using words. The book will educate women about their bodies, how to make intercourse connecting and even different delights that create fun and excitement. Along the way we dive into the importance of feeling wanted and desired. When we change ourselves, we can change the message of sex for the next generation.

Final Thoughts

I have witnessed God’s transformation countless times when I teach classes to women and watch them awaken to the truth about sex. As I share my story and the stories of women in class, I pray that you will understand the power of sex to create intimacy. But more than that, I pray that you will understand how much Jesus loves you.



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  1. mm

    It is geared for women, but I have had many couples read it together and thoroughly enjoy it. It actually has discussion questions in each chapter.

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