Fun Locations for Sex in the Summer

Summer is a great time to have sex in new fun locations. Things just feel lighter and more relaxing. Go a little crazy and look for opportunities to create some amazing memories.

Fun Ideas

When you visit your in-laws, see how quiet you can be as you creatively enjoy each other.

When you stay at the cabin, with your kids on the other side of paper thin walls, create sexual tension. Rather than avoiding each other, lean into connection like you did when you dated. See how much you can get away with.

Set up your tent in the backyard or a secluded campsite. Watch your shadows on the side of the tent. Pull off the rain fly and enjoy the stars and moon. Enjoy the freedom of removing the limits of a bed.

Explore a different room in the house. Experience sex on a couch or arm chair. Blow up a mattress on the porch. Cool off in the basement laundry room.

Mark off something on your bucket list. Sex on your boat in the middle of the lake, late at night. Sex in the back yard of your secluded cabin. Skinny dipping. Sex in a car parked on a secluded road. Sex on a blanket under the stars. Be discreet, private, respectful and responsible, but figure out a way to make some memories by trying to find some new fun locations.

What are some fun places you have created memories?

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  1. Just downsized to a home with our second level deck surrounded by our master bedroom, great room, and sun room. The view is to a nature area with no neighbor sight lines toward our deck. Some evening I plan to romance my beautiful wife of over 45 years with candlelight and a glass of wine leading to a relaxing, intimate time of naked, sensuous sex!

  2. All this sounds like great fun but I’m just wondering are you having sex with a condom so you don’t have the mess? With out using a condom you need to be alot more prepared and its a little hard to be spontaneous and not let your spouse know what you are planning.

    • mm

      I guess it depends on the person and what works for them. Sometimes just a tissue or small towel in case there is any mess works great. We don’t usually use condoms but we are all different.

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