Get Outside and Have Some Fun

I love the long days of summer to get outside and enjoy God’s creation. To get out from behind my computer, phone or the tv and just enjoy nature. To move beyond the sterile smells of my house to smell the lilies awakens my soul.

Fun Ideas

Since before we had kids, Jim and I have loved to taking long walks while holding hands. We stroll down to the park or through the neighborhood and talk through our day. Sometimes we hop on our bikes and ride around the lake. Moving my body with the wind in my hair reminds me that I am alive.

Warm summer nights are a great time to enjoy a bonfire under the stars. Get into something comfortable and cozy up as you listen to the crackling of the fire. Stay up late and talk into the night.

Go watch fireworks laying on a blanket at the park. Cozy up as you watch the lights streak across the night sky.

Find an outdoor concert in the park and pack a picnic.

Take a drive and watch the sunset. Borrow a convertible and put the top down. Go by the local drive in and treat yourself to ice cream. Find a remote place to park and enjoy the view. Make out like you did before marriage.

Go to bed early and have sex while the sun is still up. Enjoy the natural lighting on your spouse’s body.

The possibilities are endless as we enjoy the long days of summer.

How do you enjoy the long days of summer?

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  1. With kids still at home in an open floor-plan house, daylight sex is a rare commodity, but when it does happen, it’s magical as she looks radiant.

    And as city boy of summer, there’s nothing I love more than the feel of the city in summer. To this day the feeling and fragrances take me back to being out on summer holiday from school. And it’s been a _long_ time since this lad was in school.

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