Spend Time Skin to Skin

Happy Fourth of July. Enjoy some fun posts the next several weeks filled with ideas of how to enjoy your summer.

I love summer. Warm days when temperatures rise and covers disappear. A slower pace when families gather and reminisce. Long days when opportunities abound for a new adventure. Take advantage of summer to create some amazing memories. Summer is a great time to create skin to skin connection. To get naked and simply create connection through touch. Take advantage of the warm temperatures and look for opportunities to have some fun.

Fun Ideas

Turn off the air conditioner and sleep naked. Pull back the covers and enjoy the lighting of a light sheet creating shadows. Enjoy the view of your spouse sleeping naked and unashamed. Open the windows, feel the breeze and enjoy the sounds of the night.

Go swimming together and help each other prepare. Pick out their suit or help them tie their suit while you check them out. In the warm sun, sensuously apply suntan lotion to their entire body, making sure to apply under the edges of their suit for full coverage. Go swimming together and embrace while the water holds the two of you up. Find a secluded spot and enjoy a little skinny dipping in the moonlight.

Enjoy the freedom to dress different. Go bra-less and catch his eye. Go commando and let her eyes wonder what’s going on. Wear a cute sundress on your dinner date and notice his eyes on you. Mow the lawn without a shirt and let her see your strength.

Summer is a great time to have some fun and enjoy ways connecting skin to skin.

How do you create connection through touch in the summer?

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