Introducing the Latest Awaken-Love Teacher – Beth in Ohio

When a woman wakes up to the importance of creating a great sex life with her husband, sharing that truth with friends doesn’t always goes smoothly. But real transformation is hard to keep to yourself. Beth became an Awaken-Love teacher because she did not give up when God called her to share how important sex is in marriage.

Beth’s Story

Beth began her journey when an eminent life change required changes. As her special needs daughter out grew school  care, she made the hard choice to stay home in preparation for providing full time care. When a job placement for her daughter came thru, Beth  had time on her hands for the first time in years. Beth started reading and found books like Sheet Music. Diving into the world of online Christian blogs and podcasts, she devoured information as she suddenly realized what she had missed out on all those years.

As a parent of 4 kids, one of them special needs, Beth had spent years putting intimacy on the back burner. How could she relax and enjoy sex when her head filled with worry for the next day? The high levels of stress over the years depleted her desire. Trying to provide a normal family life for their kids left little to no energy at the end of the day. On some level it almost felt wrong to seek pleasure while their daughter suffered.

As God revealed to Beth his design for sexual intimacy in marriage, her perspective shifted. She took the first step of opening up by telling her husband what she was learning. Beth apologized to him, asking forgiveness for the years of not making their sex life a priority. Beth backed her words with actions increasing their times for sexual connection.

After her awakening Beth heard about the Christian based Sexy Marriage Radio Getaway. With her boys finally old enough to take care of her special needs daughter, Beth was determined to go. Though her husband was happy to
get away, he didn’t know all of what the weekend really entailed. Over the next 4 days, Beth shared with him her hopes for their sexual intimacy going forward. Together they began discovering all that God desires for their marriage bed.

Growth in marriage takes time, communication, and endurance. It is one thing for a person to read about ideas and another for a couple to put them into practice. Change came 2-steps forward and 1-step backward. Expectations were slowly exchanged for an appreciation of discovering new things.

Awaken-Love Classes

When Beth first started her journey, she tried sharing with a couple of friends by giving them a copy of Sheet Music to read. But when one of her friends returned the book with exclamations of, “my husband isn’t like that!” she worried her openness might have ruined a friendship.

Beth started following Awaken-Love years ago when it was called When the Awaken-Love video class launched, Beth wanted to host a group but didn’t know who she’d ask after her last experience. After emailing me and explaining her situation, I suggested she skype into a live class. Though technology didn’t always cooperate, the class profoundly impacted Beth. The 6 weeks of class brought to life the culmination of what Beth had discovered on her own. God has an amazing design for sex in marriage.

After class, Beth couldn’t shake the feeling that she should share the experience with others. Friends had noticed the difference in Beth’s marriage and asked what changed. Beth finally gathered her nerve and spoke to her friend at church that ran family ministries. To her surprise, her church immediately offered support and encouraged her to host an Awaken-Love video class.

Beth’s Calling

Last June Beth hosted her first video class with three close friends. The nervousness in the room disappeared as laughter broke through. Together they experience real growth and change as they encouraged each other in their journey toward intimacy. Class opened a door that gave these women a glimpse of all that God wants for their marriage bed.

Since that time Beth has continued to teach video classes – even if only one woman can attend. Doors have opened for her to speak at MOPS groups to encourage young moms in their sex life. Her church continues to support and encourage her as Awaken-Love becomes a ministry of the church.

Beth has a special place in her heart for moms of special needs kids. She understands the struggles they face. Close to 80% of marriages with special needs kids end in divorce. Beth thinks back to the sleepless nights of worry and wished she had known to seek refreshment and refuge in her husband’s arms. God created sex to help hold marriages together that face enormous strain.

I am beyond thrilled to introduce Beth from Ohio as the latest Awaken-Love teacher. She has been called by God to teach His truth, to share what she has learned, and to encourage others that it is never too late.

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